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Cedar Rivers

I’ve thought long and hard about pragmatic ideas that I can add to the mix that will have long-term, positive results for the majority of Australians, or indeed those seeking a better lifestyle in any country. In the first instance it’s about welcoming considerable attitudinal changes that require a total willingness to modify our expectations about jobs, living arrangements and finances. These modifications may even involve changes in our homes and we need to focus upon the benefits rather than the possible disturbances to the current dynamics. An obvious example for those experiencing mortgage or rental stress is to invite a couple or family to share your home which would immediately halve all expenses and form the beginning of a mini community.
I want to be part of the co-creation of a future of spiritual wisdom, wise governance, sustainable environmental practices, economic prosperity and a healthy nation – well nourished in every way, creative and abundant for our children, grandchildren and for future generations, and deeply sensitive to the needs of those less fortunate on the planet.
The current economic dilemmas look set to become a global recession, which may indeed turn into something far more serious than The Great Depression of 1929-32. I believe that all Australians need to be clever, imaginative and willing to change if we are to avoid what I see as a possible ‘Greater Depression’ from 2010 and onwards.
The most basic needs to survive are food, water and housing, and the most basic needs to thrive are freedom, creativity, the arts, inventions, leisure, belonging, community, and reverence for the sacred.


My Suggestion: Turn Australia Into A Food-Producing Garden

Gold Star

 FOOD and JOBS: Food Gardens, Australia

This Food Gardens, Australia idea requires co-operation between all strata of government and all government departments, banks, businesses, charities, churches, sporting groups and citizens who are willing to make available their expertise, funds, land, buildings, skills and efforts to this end. National, state and local governments could provide assistance in health, trade, marketing, infrastructure, advertising, sales and programs for volunteers for this real and constructive purpose.
• Ascertain and list vacant and under-utilised government offices, houses and other dwellings, shops, towns, land, schools, caravan parks, school camps, farm stays, former or struggling tourist venues, retreats, and farms on the mainland and islands.
• Peppercorn rentals could be instigated for many of these resources to those individuals, families and groups who qualify by their interest and commitment.
• Subsidise the establishment and expansion of food gardens for most homes, early childhood services, kindergartens, schools, colleges, universities, prisons, certain council land, and in communities - from large urban communities to small indigenous communities.
• Willing participants and communities could receive government subsidised seeds, seedlings, fruit and nut trees, berry bushes, seed banks, garden implements and equipment, rainwater tanks, irrigation systems, dams, compost, offices and sheds, food preparation buildings and resources, green-houses, shade-houses, anti-aviaries, fences, gates etc.
• Build on the exceptional work that many are already doing in permaculture and organic gardening, farmers markets, creating transition towns, free energy research groups, conservation groups, environmental care groups and fisheries.
• Australian permaculture and organic gardens and urban community gardens are exemplary examples of the success of similar programs. Regions such as The Byron Shire, Bellingen, The Sunshine Coast and Maleny are good examples of co-operative food growing.

Australian Produce and Products

We could teach and assist all school children to grow and market vegetables, herbs, fruit, nuts, berries and medicinal plants etc. There are many brilliant initiatives operated by passionate people already operating these types of programs who could be approached for constructive guidelines, and with a view to teaching and mentoring. Masterchef and Junior Masterchef are classic examples of doing something very right towards these ends, as is Stephanie Alexander's Kitchen Garden Foundation.
Interest in consuming homegrown food is spreading. Children all over Australia now love to work at and play games of Masterchef at school and at home.
• Home gardens and orchards – back yards, front yards, pots on balconies and verandahs, urban parks and nature-strips, and assistance for farmers to turn non-productive farms into market gardens.
• Establish rural, urban gardeners, farmers markets and food co-ops to grow and sell fresh and manufactured produce.
• Encourage sharing, exchange and gifting of produce
• Assist sustainable agricultural and family farms with new methods of growing and marketing food
• Train certain CEO’s in every government department in the public service and encourage them to form their own initiatives.
• Enrol imaginative and committed citizens who have outstanding leadership abilities in projects to inspire others.
• Entice bright committed environmentally conscious expatriates home with offers of genuinely meaningful work
• Employ nutritionists, chefs, writers, trainers, advertisers, soil and water experts
• Employ a buddy system and promote teamwork at all levels to maintain enthusiasm for chosen projects
• Export our new product – Environmental Expertise!
• Encourage, patent and develop brilliant Australian inventions.
• Retrain sections of the unemployed workforce in new gardening skills, humane food production,
environmental upkeep, wildlife sanctuaries, marine restoration and eco-tourism.

Benefits of These Initiatives for Australia

These initiatives with their specifically targeted funding and gifting will provide:
• Jobs – across the nation and also internationally plus retraining the unemployed.
• Re-education of the populace to modify long-held attitudes and expected outcomes of the status quo.
• Kindergarten children through to University graduates learn to grow and prepare their own nutritious food with skills and with involvement in co-operation and teamwork.
• Utilise the best practices such as sustainable agriculture, organics, permaculture, extensive tree planting, hydroponics, aquaponics, and sustainable fishing.  
• Reward green schemes, solar installation, clean technology, bicycle use, car-pooling and public transport to reduce pollution levels and extend recycling.
• Employ subsidise and encourage installation of innovative systems for irrigation and harvesting water such as windmills, solar, free and compulsory energy efficiency checks for all dwellings, industries and businesses, and geo-thermal technology.
• Sound gardening and farming practices including composting, pest control, utilising organic seeds. 
• Social Capital: Encourage the language of joy and satisfaction of growing clean and nutritious food, productivity and skills development, sharing and community building, solution oriented activity, food festivals and celebrations, generational interaction, care of the environment, family activities.
• Encourage low-impact festivities and celebrations in communities nationwide in the sowing and harvesting seasons including multi-cultural practices.
• This is a moral issue with quality values required at every level. We could for example, declare councils 'refugee friendly' with suitable regional projects and interactions devised in each area. We need to accept some traumatised people from less fortunate neighbouring countries, without increasing our Centrelink burden.
• Pensioners and retirees could be encouraged to either work or volunteer for community projects. Post war experience could be drawn on. The real value of 'Elders' to be a priority seminar in each electorate or council.
• Improved health and fitness levels nationwide.
• Promoting notion of shopping locally with all its benefits.
• Creative reporting of programs through music, dance and creative arts events, photography, artwork, internet, television and radio. Libraries to expand on their 'talking books' events.
• Current food producers and manufacturers enjoy expanded local and export markets.
• Such a major focus for the entire nation means that all Australians work with a common purpose.
• Connecting with nature in these ways make for an exciting future.


Alleviating Hardships Caused By:

• Growing job instability, unemployment and/or worker fatigue and their associated problems with: depression, stress, inertia, addiction to substances, violence, child abuse, crime, poverty, ill health, hunger, meeting loan repayments, credit card and other debt and homelessness.
• Droughts and water shortages, floods, fires, hurricanes, pests, poor harvests, damage to food-growing areas and water sources such as the Murray-Darling and Hawkesbury.
• Disrupted and reduced trade, shrinking and shrunken markets.
• Conflicts, war and the growing needs of refugees.
• Religious intolerance

What Do We Do With All The Food?
We create a healthy nation
Revitalise our economy
Export food to other nations
Feed the hungry

• Feed our families, our neighbours, ourselves and animals and birds.
• Barter or sell to shops, markets and supermarkets.
• Sell and exchange through Gardeners and Farmers Markets
• Revitalise struggling food outlets such as tourist restaurants and hotels –
where owners purchase food at very reasonable prices and on-sell meals for similarly reasonable prices.
• Export fresh and manufactured produce.
• Allows Australia to give humanitarian aid in a very practical way.
• Feed the hungry and less fortunate in this country and overseas by allotting 10%-20% of all produce to nations in crisis.



Thriving During the Greater Depression

A Spiritual Perspective

 "Someday, after mastering the winds, the waves, the tides and gravity, we shall harness for God the energies of Love, and then, for a second time in the history of the world, ‘humanity’ will have discovered fire." - Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Eons ago cave dwellers discovered fire and it transformed their lives. Now as modern humanity drifts towards the galactic core each one of us has the potential to open the portal to ultra consciousness. With individual consciousness awakened and the kundalini fire harnessed, the opportunity awaits for us to discover who we are, where we are from, and where we are going. This is the time.

Earth Changes

Research reveals that Mother Earth ‘regularly’ cleanse herself of the toxicity that humans have perpetrated upon her and I honour Her need to purify Herself. This could be interpreted as destructive by some of us - however She is not against us, She is just doing what is necessary for Her continuing evolution.

It Has Begun

We now find ourselves almost beyond the point of no return with the calamitous circumstances that have led to climate, environmental, work and economic change. The current global situation heralds a new beginning and our options now are between merely surviving and magnificently thriving.

Massive unemployment and retrenchments.  Property foreclosures.  Shortages of numerous kinds. Price increases in food. Refugees and relocations due to earth changes, environmental factors, tyranny and wars. Global coastal phenomena. Economic crises bringing a swift restructuring of global monetary systems and commerce.  Human population of 680,000,000,000, estimated cattle population of 2,000,000,000. Magnetic changes and continuing pole shifts. Political uncertainty. Stretched or unavailable health care. Viruses. Pollution. Globalisation --- and on and on.

History is History
or Life As We Know It Is Ending


Sounds grim – however we can choose to view these next years as the birth pangs to an unimaginably glorious new consciousness and co-creation of a New Earth. Indeed, the period from now until 2025 is probably very much like the pain of childbirth - most mothers know that the intense pain is quickly forgotten by the untold joys of New Life. If we choose joy and to focus on thriving, in spite of the challenging matters around us, life will radiate through us in exquisite and myriad ways.

Regular readers will be aware of my focus on preparedness, purposeful attitudinal shifts and spiritual changes, study of expected massive earth changes and political and economic turmoil and how all this may affect us. Articles, seeds and signposts have been sprinkled liberally throughout the website with the intention of raising awareness of what is in front of us, and what is around us, including the innumerable beings in the invisible realms that are learning with us and supporting us to grow and evolve.

Suggestions for Thriving

* Establish a more intimate connection to God, the Divine aspect of Self,
and Inter-dimensional Beings.
* Contemplate the notion of living as an eternal being having an earthly experience
in the boondocks of the Milky Way Galaxy.
* Practise opening and expanding your mid-brain or psychic brain. 
* Work consciously to raise your innate abilities.
* Heighten your perception by trusting your feelings and intuition.
* Exercises in enhancing clarity to help manifest synchronistic events for our creations.
* Live beyond physical time by opening to no-time in the Now.
* Create a detailed overview of what you want during the next three years.
* Cultivate a flexible attitude to all things as an invaluable asset in these times of exponential change.
* Do whatever is necessary to alleviate sleeplessness, aches, confusion and stress.
* Be as self-responsible and self-reliant as possible and inspire others to thrive.
* Cherish the children for they are our future.
* Conserve cash resources and cease purchasing unnecessary items.
* Turn unwanted items into cash.
* Aim to live debt free.
* Evaluate finances including options of self-managed superannuation fund and investments.
* Consider buying bullion and have a good supply of cash on hand.
* Use barter, share resources, shop locally and co-design a micro-economy.
* Secure food, water and shelter for yourself, your loved ones and more.
* Research and study, as knowledge leads to freedom.
* Celebrate having life at this extraordinary period of earthly and cosmic evolution.
* Be optimistic, appreciative and have an attitude of gratitude.
* Accept Love and self-love as the basis for life.

With suggestions such as these, we can create a future world from a heightened spiritual perspective that will lead to growth and thriving instead of fear and hopeless collapse. Change is inevitable, and thriving a decision. Trusting the God within is more powerful than adhering to the constructed personality that leans towards fear and scarcity, despair and smallness. 

We can, of course, choose to just survive rather than thrive thus keeping the status quo of a diminished brilliance.  Staying in fear of change, judging the earth changes as Nature against us, and fighting back, is interfering even further in Nature’s drive for purity and growth. 

The God within is not contained by any religion or dogma and is accessible by All.  As we move into alignment with the Galactic Core, which is exact on 21 December 2012, our galaxy has the opportunity to shine new light throughout the cosmos. Thriving opens hearts and expands minds; and trusting the God within ~ allows us to fly into worlds even more magnificent ~ than the most magical experiences ~ of our wildest imaginings. 

~~ Cedar

Full Moon, March 2009

And while I stood there I saw more than I can tell, and I understood more than I saw; for I was seeing in a sacred manner the shapes of things in the spirit, and the shape of all shapes as they must live together like one being. Black Elk, Black Elk Speaks

Contact with the Invisible Realms

When I was a very young child I had a fascination with the faeries and other little lights that made their homes in the soft moss near the big tree in the back yard. Sadly, religion unceremoniously squashed my faeries and little lights for fifteen years until I had a bittersweet experience of a near-death experience due to injuries sustained in a serious car accident in 1967.


My injuries were so severe that many times I passed over and came back... desperately wanting to be released from my pain into the soft embrace of the glowing Light. Reluctantly, when a gentle voice from a glorious being told me that 'You have not done what you came to do.'  I returned to my broken body through the area where I was operated upon.

I came back very changed. The comfort was in discovering that death did not bring the hell and damnation that my religion had taught me to fear. I gave away my bible, stopped going to church and slowly began to seek  a spirituality more in keeping with what I had personally experienced of God and a vastly different reality.

Dolphin Koala Spirit

I have been on a intense journey of discovery for half a lifetime now and an important aspect of my search has been an intimate connection with the worlds - invisible to the eyes - yet visible to some clairvoyants and happily for me - the digital camera.

Throughout the 90's I had the great blessing of sharing a lot of time with a dear friend Kinsley Jarrett, a fun-loving humble man and gifted clairvoyant, musician, channeller and artist. Kinsley enthusiastically invited me into his world of nature spirits, animal spirits, aboriginal spirits, ascended masters and extraterrestrials with his illustrations, stories of personal interactions and teachings on how we may approach these beings of the finer vibrational realms via our higher consciousness and have authentic experiences with them.


Some of the many extraterrestrials that visit Celtic Gardens
Since January 2006, and after buying a digital camera, the faeries and little lights that I played with as a child began entering my life again. The camera picks up much of what Kinsley introduced me to, and although he has now passed on, I faithfully follow his teaching to approach all things and all beings with Love.


Time to Make New Choices?

Consider this: What if the physical body 'houses' less than 5%
of our Soul or life-force?

That leaves 95% of us St Elsewhere.

Structures of the old paradigm are dismantling. It's evident that we're at an historic
Earth moment, indeed - cosmic moment - where we're witnessing and participating
in the decline of the old matrix - grid - timelines separating.

Those who would grasp tenaciously to the old ways of believing and doing things are denying the other 95+% of who they really are. Multi-dimensionality and expanded awareness, accompanied by all the forgotten skills, is just a choice away.

If we make that choice a magical journey of discovery and bliss begins.

If we're pushing at something and it's just not flowing
Wisdom says - Look at it in another way.

You and more

If the black dot on the red represents an individual's life in the physical
Where are you placing your focus? Where else are you now?
And what are you experiencing?

Contemplate the notion that we are really a vast multi-dimensional beings
garnering Earthly experiences on the journey of Soul.

Change is here and as the frequency of the planet increases so does consciousness
- thus enabling us to 'join' the dots of the other aspects of 'us'.



The Door Is On The Inside

Spiritual teachers and healers have a huge responsibility to mind their ways, as they have a greater responsibility than the less aware - those who have not yet had the opportunities or skills to join the dots.

I just listened to a radio program of a discussion between 'two highly advanced souls' - so why do I feel less advanced and downright miserable as a result of the listening?

BECAUSE they spent most of the time self-aggrandising by extolling their own virtues, specialness and being angry at unnamed 'others' by focussing on what is dreadfully wrong with these 'others'. Fundamentalist New Agers are no different to other religious or political zealots. They spoke very little about solution-finding and informing their listeners of their own much touted awakening experiences. They brought gloom into my Living Room.

What possible use is that?

Surely these 'advanced souls' are aware that what we focus upon expands that reality and gives it greater impetus. Surely they know that every thought, word and action is critical now - circa 2009 - Now - if we are to evolve to the highest expression of our Selves.

Is our modern day human an endangered species?

There can be no doubt that we stand at the brink of the most momentous changes in the history of planet Earth. Whether humankind descends yet again into total chaos, destruction and annihilation like many ancient civilisations before us, or whether we become the living embodiments of our higher unlimited Selves is yet to be determined - by our own good selves of course.

I believe it depends largely upon the texture of our thoughts, words and actions. When we make the effort - and it takes effort - to finely craft our thoughts, words and actions - they have the effect of lightening vibrations in both physical and non-physical bodies and surrounding environments - indeed transforming realities far beyond our everyday imaginings.

With heart centred decision-making and mindfulness we can bring harmony, peace and balance to most situations if the players are open to it.

Watch the news and win? Argue your 'rightness'? Control your family by fear?
Ghoulish fascination of fear-ridden scenarios only brings further devolution. Reactionary, self-absorbed and mean thoughts, words and actions do not elevate - they merely maintain or further degrade the already limited status quo. Dante's infernal inferno.

Which world are we creating?

Dysfunctional aspects of the masculine principle within has us wobbling and out of kilter - mostly due to misinterpretation or misuse by religious, political and familial power over others. This is reflected in inglorious technicolour in a plethora of events and behaviours worldwide.

The feminine principle IS emerging within all humans - women, men and children - power from within - to elevate the human potentials of true harmony, love, peace and balance.

It is the Shekinah which is  loving, expansive and truly compassionate. The Goddess.


Symbol of the Shekinah - the vertical meets the horizonal within the Whole.

Surrendering to the Shekinah actively helps co-create a new species of hu-man being.

Krishnamurti: "In oneself lies the whole world and if you know how to look and learn,
the door is there and the key is in your hand.
Nobody on earth can give you either the key
or the door to open, except yourself."


Waking Up Within the Dream

True Hu-Man

The outer world of climatic catastrophe, economic catastrophe, relationship demise, career eruptions and changing bodily symptoms are infinitely fascinating, although increasingly perplexing.

Endless discussions on the theme of What Can WE Do About It? really do need to be watched closely by our Observer Self, and when clarity has been reached about what to do – we need to act pronto and Do It! or Be It!

Otherwise we’re in danger of Catastrophic Conversations becoming a revamped global sport and the default discussion at every dinner party and telephone call.
Brand new elements to this sport are already being played with gold medal zeal in TV ‘debates’, radio ‘analysis,’ newspaper ‘news’ and internet preoccupation with spectatorship being equally as juicy as participation.

Sophisticated telecommunications allow each and every one of us to be principal actors in The Play where the blind bounce off walls and stumble - and many follow – blindly - with fear for our very survival building all the while.  It’s all happened before, although to my knowledge Earth has not had a 6.76 billion population before.

We collude with the charade that all this is real - while knowing deep within that it is all a magnificent dream, an illusion, a grand experiment in humanness; in how well humans will use their own free will and in whether or not we will discover the ecstasy of finding the Divinity that is within.

The paradox is that Paradise is here in layers. Passion, knowledge, intention, skill and tenacity are required to wake-up from this dream, which is fast becoming a nightmare. With presence, focus, and joy in our hearts, more of us will learn to slip between the cracks of the matrix - if that is our wish.

Bliss and unlimited learning wait in The Awakening.

Consciousness and Energy

Wilber and Cohen discuss evolution.

Out With the Old

We're seeing it everywhere. The old materialism and constructs are dying *gasp*gasp* and the wise among us do not attempt to hold on to them - knowing that they're centuries past their use-by date.

The Year of Evolution, Radical Evolution

Soul has been patiently waiting for something to happen. Anything. Movement from the mundane. Something alive. Something sacred. Twiddling Its thumbs for eons. Now Soul is really finding something to get Its teeth into.

Imagine the populace finally knowing that The Divine is within - as well as without. Imagine a future with conscious connection to Spirit and Soul. Imagine what is possible.

Imagine a future where we have retrained and regained our exceptional natural abilities - compassion, kindness, joy, love, living lightly, creativity, abundance, magick, telepathy, clairvoyance, celebration, instant manifestation, time travel, sovereignty, Oneness, cosmic consciousness, Universal citizenry....

Imagine. Intend and So Shall It Be.

We Are The Universe

A Year to Remember

As I tune into the energies it is evident that there are many strong energy 'spikes' in the field of possibilities.
Massive change is taking place.

The most salient guidance I can give is to trust your inner guidance. Follow Your Intuition and you'll be where you need to be doing
what you need to do. This is a tremendously exciting time and such a privilege to be participating in the changes of this epoch.

It's crystal clear that far too many have lost their way by buying the illusion - and being seduced away - often forcibly - from the real
agenda of evolution, awareness, creativity, consciousness, cosmic law, kindness, love, joy, respect for Mother Earth and humanitarianism.

Mother Earth is a paradise that provides more than enough for all who dwell on Her. Throughout history, except for rare individuals
and races - humans have been unable or unwilling to master polarity and thus have succumbed to rigidity, fundamental religious dogma,
greedy rulers, ownership, materialism and the notion that Divinity is outside of self.

In the next three years of this modern epoch, countless balancing acts - metaphorically and literally - are set to occur.
It's obvious to all but the dimly lit that massive, massive changes have already begun in our playground.

The choice is between duality and Oneness.

Humanity has chosen the hard road - yet thankfully, numerous individuals have had the wherewithal to seek Freedom and have developed the consciousness and skills to avoid the many calamitous consensus realities.

Stay Awake to the controlling mechanisms. Remember The Truman Show?
Insert your name here *******          

The ******* Show.

It's your creation - play it for all it's worth.

Please be acutely vigilant so as not to get waylaid by events designed to keep us dumbed down - economic fluctuations, earth cataclysms, religious conflicts and wars, fear, paranoia, retribution, corruption, greed, crashing empires and negative events that often have little to do with us. Be wary of what passes as 'news'. Create your own focus and focus on positive news.

I've been on and on about preparedness for years and I trust that regular readers who have a resonance with my suggestions, have already prepared for their loved ones needs - which obviously includes your own needs. 'Help others' is the motto.

Those co-creating small self-sufficent communities are well placed for what is to come - large-scale difficulties due to economic changes, earth and weather changes, wars, and more. Here are a few practical suggestions   More here.

To Do List 2012

1. Be as self-sufficient as possible. Preserve. Network. Barter.
2. Store enough food for at least a year for everyone under your roof.
3. Grow your own veggies, herbs, fruit, sprouts etc
4. Seeds, seeds, seeds - for planting, bartering, gifting and broadcasting.
5. Keep your heart open. Keep your word. Be joyous. Be kind. Share.
6. Secure your clean water source.
7. Volunteer for emergency services or similar.
8. Keep all fuel tanks full. Check torches, candle and lantern supplies.
9. Consciously choose where you place your attention.
10. Spin. 10 x 10 revolutions a day - at least. CW and CCW.
11. Lighten your vibration - food intake, energy, thoughts and attitudes.
12. Give copies of all important documents, bank accounts, to someone you trust.
13. Have plenty of small bills of cash stashed safely. Got gold? Got silver?
14. Post your emergency contact lists on the fridge or notice board.
15. Practice emergency procedures with everyone under your roof.
16. Develop your psychic abilities, remote viewing and out-of-body research.
17. Why wait?

Nexus Point - Graphic Credit: Wayne Boucon

2012 - Nexus Point

Now is the time that all your skills, abilities, dreams, visions, wants, desires and creations come together in the glorious Now of High Magic. Everything you ever wanted in your life is available Now. Braid your abilities. Focus. Believe. Act. Work for it. Have fun. Do it.

Celebration time.

Celtic Gardens Vision for a New Earth

Contemplation and Manifestation for 2012: God is within me therefore...............


Water is the New Gold .:. Seeds are the New Silver .:. Kindness is the New Cash

Grow Food at Home. Buy Locally. Swap Products. Establish Gardeners' Markets.

A quick gloss of my preparedness page will reveal that I'm a great believer in being as self-reliant and self-sufficient as humanly possible.

One of the many reasons that I advocate permaculture and the Anastasia material is because of the practice of creating family domains where gardens and orchards on these plots not only feed the family; the surplus can be sold or bartered to ensure that the family thrives at all times.

I admire and applaud folks who have productive food gardens. Ours is not yet flourishing as we've had a long, cold winter and we've also been on the road and so unable to nurture our babies. However, the veggie and herb seedlings are taking off and all year round there are herbs and greens for making a wholesome pesto or somesuch that I add to pasta or roast vegetables. This year I intend preserving and freezing food more, and making jams, chutneys and pickles.

The fruit trees are blossoming and the bees are singing as they work tirelessly. I adore the music of the Bee Choir and wonder why The Blowfly Choir aggravates me so much.

Readers who have followed my suggestions of ensuring a constantly overflowing pantry - sufficient for the needs of loved ones for two years or so - will also understand that the pantry will empty out eventually. In many places in the world the supermarket shelves are already well and truly bare, and the 'just in time' purchasing policy of most western supermarkets see shelves emptying within days during a calamity.

Seeds for Food
The stash from a shopping expedition.

This is why I encourage the purchase of seeds, seeds, seeds and more seeds... and the giving of seeds, seedlings and plants as gifts. It's a good idea to buy several packets of seeds whenever you shop and to get into the habit of drying and exchanging seeds from your own produce.

Imagine the fantastic changes in countless areas if farmers who are currently raising livestock began turning over part of their farms to fruit, vegetable, nuts, herbs and egg production.... and if gardeners convert half of the lawn to food production.

Why wait for the changing local and global conditions
to force us to grow our own food? We can begin today -
even if in pots on the verandah or balcony.

Celebrate Change!

Ride-On Mower
Peak Oil and the Latest in Ride-On Mowers


NO to Monsanto

The Domino Effect

The global money markets are beyond our control. What we can control however, are our emotions and our responses to the downward spiral of world economies. We can make sure we don't engage any additional personal debt; self-manage our own superannuation and have spare copies of all documents, emergency contacts and banking details with a friend.

The economic system is skewed, corrupt and beyond broken so why are politicians and bankers attempting to fix it? The answer lies with even higher levels of governance - greed, massive wealth, and the need to control the planetary populace and resources.

The domino events are beginning to topple. Global financial problems are just one of many huge challenges - factor in climate change, peak oil, genetically modified food, war and terrorism, hatred, religious intolerance and the issues become immense.

The good news is that those of us who have prepared for our physical needs are in a good position to focus upon our spiritual evolution and what's happening beyond the obvious.

Beyond the obvious lies magnificent New Realities.... largely of our making. This is why it is so important to stay centred and focussed on kindness, lightness of being and pursuing enlightened creations ~ and determining to spend more time in The Real than in the illusion.

In many cases this requires a willingness to make radical lifestyle changes which are all for the better. Opportunities arise synchronistically for greater self awareness and joy when we choose not to become affected by the groundswell of fear, panic and the consequences of ignorance.


The Powers That Were

We all have plenty of evidence of the old paradigm of reality dissolving - wherever we live in the world it seems apparent that relationships and communities; materialism and physicality; power and economics; food and water supplies; environment and climate; politics and religion are all undergoing massive changes affecting us all. We can be sure that events and challenges in these areas will escalate.

The dark forces that have furtively controlled the world – The Powers That Be are rapidly becoming The Powers That Were and they don’t like it at all. Individually and collectively, we know that the past has already been lived – over and over again. Power over the masses has been handed down for generations and now the controllers are becoming impotent, although still dangerous, in their dying days.

Does the past and the dark still hold a fascination for you, or is your attention primarily on your spiritual evolution and sovereignty? Reflect on your thoughts and conversations for the answer. If, primarily, your time is spent in analyses of the actions of The Powers That Be and on your painful past – rest assured that ‘they’ still have you in their clutches.

There is a new reality, a new way and brighter light available to all now. Knowingly or unknowingly, we are constantly moving through multiple dimensions. Specific multiversal energies from this and other realms are more accessible to us, introducing themselves in many instances through our digital photographs.  Orbs, plasmas and other energies that are showing up in photos may well be offering an invitation to connect, commune and co-create with them.

One effective way of making contact is to set a cropped photograph as your computer desktop background for meditation and observation. This action also works well to decipher the latest messages of the crop circles. 

Your intuitive and telepathic abilities plus various latent talents will be enhanced and you may be amazed at the depth of the communication with these intelligences.

The time is now. The next months are crucial - we either choose to continue enrolling in activities of the old world or to consciously co-create a new paradigm. The invitation is for us to operate from a place of wholeness, freedom, manifestation and creativity.

Orbs ~ Spheres of Light ~ Plasmas

Global Financial Crisis
Opportunities for Constructive Change

The monetary mayhem throughout the world is escalating at warp speed. It may not really affect us at present if we are not involved in the share market or have investment portfolios that are linked to the global money machines. However the economic meltdown may indeed filter down to affect our housing, careers, and life style needs. Price hikes in petrol, food and rents may just be the beginning of this. As the old paradigm ends and other external and internal factors also impact - things may get more difficult before they get better.

It's fascinating to be alive at this time in Earth's evolution. Eventually we will see fiscal maturity and sound economic policies that will benefit all. The skill during the next weeks and months is not to get caught up in the fear mongering. Coming together in supportive communities may well be another unintentional benefit of the economic crises. We are now at the tipping point of unimaginable change and the global money market meltdown is just one small part of it. Life as we know it on this planet may be changed massively during these next short years.

Now is the time for sovereignty and individual action. We are on the brink of a fabulously exciting journey so long as we can fully embrace enormous change in our lives. We need to ask ourselves: How is the collapse affecting me at the grass roots level?

Taking personal responsibility, developing useful skills for self-reliance and self-sufficiency could be goals to strive for at this time. To be sovereign, and thus ahead of this game, we need to be imaginative and proactive. What can we do?

For Starters We Can Ask: How do I really want to live my life and what am I personally doing to achieve that? Some suggestions to think about, issues to talk about to feel and most importantly to believe.

Do whatever it takes to turn your home and garden into a space of love for all involved.
Elevate your physical, emotional and mental wellness.
Heighten your frequency by focussing on joy, positive thoughts and constructive creations.
Grow your own food at home or in a community garden.
Reduce your intake of food if appropriate.
Become actively involved with local farmer's or gardeners market and community.
Garage sales are useful to turn your excess stuff into cash.
Change your consumer mentality. Buy only what you need.
Eradicate impulse buying from shopping malls and internet shopping sites.
If you have the resources to purchase gold, silver, seeds and have spare cash on hand - do it now.
Secure savings, and change assets, superannuation, and investment portfolios if necessary.
Prepare obvious items and develop skills for bartering in the future.
Consider where your money is haemorrhaging - gambling? grog? drugs? spectatorship? stuff?

We need to consider at The Big Picture.
Imagine decision-makers sending all the foreign tankers that are currently lined up along our coasts waiting to haul Australia’s natural resources back to their own countries.

Imagine turning Australia into National Parks and farms for clean food, medicinal plants and flowers. Imagine turning on our technologies and hearing the word ‘Spirituality’ replacing ‘economics’. Imagine taking a responsible role in conscious co-creation in the cosmos – not just on planet Earth.

It is time to send our leaders across the world positive thoughts of support to govern for the highest good of all.  Our negative thoughts, our despair, our apathy and loss of hope in our future are not assisting positive world change.  Our daily focus on creating a better future in our personal lives - however small a step we take for positive change in our lives - does impact on the whole and assist in the manifestation of a world we dream about living in.  Prepare for change, embrace change and decide to be joyous.

Change is a verb… a doing word.
Positive change begins and continues under our own roof.

My message hasn’t changed – just deepened.
Significant signposts are there in glorious technicolour when we consciously tune in.
Position yourself in the most appropriate physical location for your needs.
Follow your psychic nudges and take their advice.
Clarify next movements – where to, with whom and why?
Get a handle on the big picture and the role that religious zealots,
military despots, war, greed, violence and political tyrants play on the world stage.
Be aware of any fascination with materials trinkets,
repetitive psychological processing, habits, and extreme emotions.
Create reality rather than being a victim to haphazard creations by others.
Overcome fears of death, poverty and loneliness.
Adore and cherish yourself.
Heighten your five senses and further develop your sixth sense or intuition.
Be creative. Create beauty.
Choose joy and love and be sure to show and tell those in your life.
Suspend all grudges and judgements.
Work to fix yourself – not others.
Actively forgive yourself and others.

Our little blue planet and all on Her are on the move.
The time grids are dissolving and changes are occurring with such speed that we often feel as though time is collapsible  – it is –
and that we’re juggling numerous demands, experiences and obstructions – we are. This is no time for dilly-dallying or yadda yadda.

We have been conditioned to fear death and I feel sure that our greatest fear is that of painful annihilation of the body.
Reports of near-death experiences, astral travel and journeys out of the body prove unequivocally that we are not our bodies.
It’s a precious vehicle for the Soul and gets us around to experience the infinite realities of 3D.

We are becoming more consciously connected to that part that knows – the eternal and infinite spark -
whatever we choose to call It – Higher Self, Soul, Goddess, Godself, Observer, Fred.

Do what brings you joy. Be still. Clarify how you can best serve – continue to do it. The Soul will evolve.
The skill is to do it in consciousness and joy rather than in struggle and pain.

There’s not a lot we can do about the heightening earth changes - except to refuse to add to the glug of negativity by buying into the fear of them. Choose your companions wisely. Say NO to energy vampires of all descriptions. Be as self-sufficient as possible and get yourself organised - fill the larder, save seeds, grow your food, put away some cash, and live within your means. Look inwards and journey inter-dimensionally.

Glorious worlds await us in the very space we are in now.



The Human Condition



Is there anything more obstructive to intimacy and evolution than those when in "communication" with you do nothing except kvetch? moan? groan? complain? whine? whinge? stall? say nooo, .....maybe.... convince me....
All so predictable..... all so stultifying..... all sooooo boring

What would happen if the groaners and naysayers changed their attitude to a hearty and wholesome YES!
Can do! Let's go! Let's do it NOW!..... or IF they stopped for a moment to listen or enquire.

Just Say YES! ....maybe not to this extreme, however, you'll get the drift.

The Field of YES. The Enormous Power of YES

The Times They Are A'Changing

You may be finding the current energies intense and bringing changes that are extremely challenging. Many are reporting the estrangement of some very dear loved ones. If you're feeling ignored, vilified, betrayed, misrepresented by a friend or family member it may be due to the energetics of transparency that are currently occurring. This is not to make anyone wrong or bad - nevertheless the loss can be agony - as I can attest.

The good news is that our core tribes are Gathering and we may be very surprised by the ones who will leave our current tribe and by those who will join. This is not a Bush type notion of “if you ain’t with us, then you’re against us’ scenario. However, we are coming into a time on the planet where it will be critical to know unequivocally who we can rely on and trust - who will stand up, for and by us and vice versa. We have work to do - and inauthentic relationships founded in woundedness, need or negative ego simply cannot give the foundation of harmony and goodwill that is necessary to co-create our masterpieces.

Here's a very blunt and personal example. Recently I walked through the forest to clear my head and heart of the abuse of a once precious friend who chose Good Friday to come clean about her long held resentments. Bad Friday. On my walk along the forest track I came upon a bush that was almost as tall as I, yet it was bent and struggling to grow due to a large branch that had fallen over it and become lodged. Clearly it had been there for many years as it was dried up and quite dead. As I struggled to lift it up and off the bush I became aware that I was removing ‘dead wood’. I didn’t want to believe Nature’s message as I had nourished this friendship for two decades and I am loyal and cherish my friends – yet I knew I had to get ‘real’ to my recent experiences of her. Along my walk I continued to remove dead branches from bushes – attributing each to someone who had left or was leaving my life. Later, the clearing felt fantastic and I sat – literally in a clearing (and longing to light a fire) – and further concluded my new found clarity by performing a modified despacho ceremony. Bad Friday became Good Friday again and I came home happier and lighter than I had felt for years and freer to focus upon The Great Work.

If you are experiencing the pain and grief of losing the love and understanding of a friend or family member, I urge you to delve deeply into your heart to get to the heart of the matter. Your love, logic and intuitive knowing are your greatest allies while on this steep and agonising learning curve. Agape, self-love and forgiveness are the keys.

The energetics of the 60's and later 1987 were essential precursors - and are *nothing* to what is coming in The Great Shift of 2010-2013. It's not flippant to call it 'Lighten Up' (seriously, pause a while) - dear friends - we have to get 'our house' in order metaphorically, literally, physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, energetically and in every other way including loose. Let's not wait until we die to 'keep moving towards the Light.'

More High Magic and Transparency - I came across Sinead O'Connor singing The Times Are A'Changing
~ It's in The Field. Sinead is a powerful and fearless spokesperson against the abuses by those in the Roman Catholic Church and the disgusting coverups by the Pope, Bishops and The Vatican. Their Inquisition will come.
Read about Sinead's activism on her website.