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Starhawk speaks about permaculture and paganism.

Starhawk on tikkun

Indigenous Weather Modification
The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible.
Arthur C. Clarke: inventor - satellite communication


Permaculture in the Heart of Brisbane

Northey Street City Farm - do check out their wonderful cookbook.

Meat Free Mondays - dedicated to helping people have at least one day a week totally free of meat

Scientists urge less meat and dairy products to save the planet and save health

The Green Beautiful

I urge you to create a space of love and settle back to watch this movie on youtube. It will
delight the heart, bring smiles to the eyes and inspire viewers to a more beautiful way of living.

Definitely a gold star.
Gold Star


Urban Farming Revolution

What if we were to grow food, demonstrate the principles of sustainability, and provide green education and employment in our own neighborhoods? An Australian sustainability collective has come up with a novel approach to bringing ecological organic food production into our cities. Their design is fast, efficient, cheap, demountable, and scalable. Welcome to the urban farming revolution proposed by CERES.

Natural Sequence Farming with Peter Andrews

Scientific Facts reveal Australia could lead the world in climate change management.
1. Australia could be carbon negative in a year!
2. Plants and water tables are 10 to 100 fold more productive than artificial irrigation.
3. Water quality, soil fertility, environmental balances, water availability; of the greatest efficiency, were once features of the Australian landscape.
4. Plants and water tables have more than 80% influence on climate than any other environmental component.


The Man Who Planted Trees is a simple, beautiful story written by Jean Giono (1953) and animated by Frédéric Back (1987) about the patient, unassuming efforts of one shepherd who helped to transform a deserted countryside into a vibrant landscape filled with life. Against the backdrop of two world wars, the quiet man sows peace, such that future generations may reap hope and happiness.


The Forest Garden - Foraging a meal for the nine of us was an extremely enjoyable task, not like work at all. Robert, a gentle and erudite man, yet possessed of a great clarity of purpose, joined us for our campfire feast. As we sat and chatted into the evening he explained his motivations and hopes for the future. Of his plans to expand the original Forest Garden, and his dream of a network of such gardens covering not only Britain but the world, bringing an abundance of natural food, and healing to both peoplekind and the planet.


The Green Belt Movement -

This December world leaders and thousands of delegates, NGOs and activists will be heading to Copenhagen for the latest round of UNFCCC negotiations seeking to agree a global treaty to limit green house gas emissions and therefore climate change.

Wangari Maathai and GBM will be there ensuring that sub Saharan voices are heard at the conference, presenting the case for a grassroots response to climate change and the recognition of the role of indigenous forests.

Mobilizing rural poor people in developing countries to manage ecosystems and plant trees can achieve a range of sustainable development goals as well as sequestering significant amounts of CO2 and helping to create climate resilient communities. See our new climate change section for more information.


Voice of the Land - "The land has given me a message....


Planting a Living Fence

Avatar - see it in 3D - advanced civilisation on Pandora shows solution to World Harmony

Official Avatar Movie Site

A good review of Avatar on Natural News


Planting Milkwoood... building a sustainable life

I started planning the Basecamp Garden as a result of a kick up the bum, thanks to some Canadian friends who stayed here over winter, and who sort-of barged in and constructed a no-dig mainbed next to the caravan. As I've mentioned earlier, up until this point we were trying to keep the Milkwood Kitchen Garden going while living over the hill... and it just wasnt really working. Start at your front step, work from there. I should probably get that statement tatooed somewhere..

Grow Your Own Food
Wisdom says ::: Those who are growing their own food - vegetables, fruit, herbs, eggs, cereals and meats along with plants with healing properties ~ know both the quality and deliciousness of their produce and the joys of connecting with nature in this way.

Do you and your children enjoy the pleasures of collecting your own produce for a meal ~ having breakfast in the orchard ~ and selling, bartering or giving away baskets of really nutritious food?

Practice the art of drying and preserving food for times when the gardens are not producing... and teach these skills to others.

Always grow enough food for yourself and your loved ones and extra for gifting or exchange and for the wildlife.

.~~ You have an open invitation ~~ to join me in encouraging governments of all kinds, philanthropists and corporations - to act on the wisdom in gifting willing families and well organised community groups ~ a hectare of vacant or under-utilised land ~ and properties ~ for housing ~ growing food ~ and harvesting water.

Elderberry Jam

Elderberry Selecting Ripe Ones Berries

Wilf spent hours picking elderberries removing the green ones and stalks and Anna made the most divine jam - it was definitely worth the patience of all the preparation. Anna added a good slurp of port to the recipe that makes it even more delicious.
Loads of recipes on the internet - basically sugar, vinegar, water and berries with the port.

Elderberries are not to be eaten raw as they are poisonous. All parts of the plant contain the toxin hydrocyanic acid which is destroyed by cooking. Red elderberry is considered poisonous and should not be used since cooking does not destroy enough of the toxin.

Red Jam Making Day Yellow

Abundance from the garden ~ mountains of apples and plums
A plum and apple job - wonderfully done by Jo, Wendy, Targie and Anna - we now have jam for years and a great giveaway.

Family-Plot Food Gardens for a Sustainable Planet

Family Food Plot

Sepp Holzer of the "KRAMETERHOF" has the best PERMACUTURE Farm in ALL EUROPE website here ...... Permaculture Farming - a Natural Revolution...Article in Space of Love Farming with Nature - Permaculture with Sepp Holzer
Permaculture: Some Insights from Bill Mollison ..."Tagari" is a Tasmanian Aboriginal word meaning "those of us who are gathered here" or "us mob".

The Permaculture Concept - Part One of SIX

You may visit the many informative youtube presentations on permaculture via this link

Petition to the United Nations I invite you to read and sign this petition
..... it's really worth reading the comments by the petitioners. Your Excellency! We, the undersigned, represent a movement of over eleven million voices strong. This is the growing number of people world-wide who are joining a brilliant "green" movement originating from Russia.

Anastasia and The Ringing Cedars


Suggestions for a Component of a Stimulus Package
Transform Australia into a Food Garden
Return to the Garden

  • Willing participants and communities could receive government subsidised seeds, seedlings, fruit and nut trees, berry bushes, seed banks, garden implements and equipment, rainwater tanks, irrigation systems, dams, compost, offices and sheds, food preparation buildings and resources, green-houses, shade-houses, anti-aviaries, fences, gates etc.
  • Build on the exceptional work the many Australians are already doing in areas such as permaculture and organic gardening, farmers markets, creating transition towns, research groups, conservation groups, environmental care groups and sustainable fishing.

Full letter here

The Village Forum

This is a brilliant book and concept - I was totally absorbed in it for days.

'It's such an obvious idea. If you want to change the way the world is going, change the way we do things. Think global, change local — reinvent your habitat.

The Village Forum focuses on how we design and build our habitat. The 20th Century car-based suburb not only failed to deliver on its promises, but has created huge social, cultural, economic and environmental problems. So let's stop building them. Instead design and build communities that are not only good for people and for the earth, but wonderful places to live.

The Village Forum puts forward a design approach that enables people to create a different form of habitat. It puts forth a 5,000 to 10,000--population community called a Village. '

Food Growing Areas
Grow Food
Food growing areas of the world.
Drought areas of the world.
Eco-Village Concepts - Awarded as the World’s finest example of sustainable urban development and best residential subdivision, The Ecovillage at Currumbin offers something inspirational ... the chance to live a natural lifestyle within a vibrant community atmosphere amidst one of Australia’s most liveable cities.

Earthships The Earthship concept is the brainchild of Michael Reynolds, who has written several books on the topic. Near Taos New Mexico, where he has his Earthship Biotecture business, are whole communities of earthships.

Sustainable Town Plans - Architects, professional engineers, builders, horticulturists, planning consultants and environmental scientists. We design, and are able to construct, sustainable buildings and permaculture systems for domestic and commercial clients

Climate change is one of the greatest economic, social, and environmental challenges of our time. Expert scientific evidence confirms that human activity is altering the climate. This is changing rainfall patterns, reducing water availability in Australia and increasing the frequency of severe weather events such as bushfires and storms.

See my Gardening and Farming page

Water is a Human Right


Sign near my local River at Warrandyte



Water On The Table is a poetic essay documentary by Liz Marshall, featuring Maude Barlow - who is considered an "international water-warrior" for her crusade to have water declared a human right. The film asks the question: is water a commercial good like running shoes or Coca-Cola? Or, is water a human right like air?

“I believe that water could become Nature’s gift to us - to teach us how to live in peace with one another and in harmony with the Earth - if
we have the wisdom to listen”
…Maude Barlow



The Promised Land - near Bellingen NSW