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Healing the Oceans

with Miten and Deva
Cedar, Miten and Deva Premal

Deva has recorded a mantra for healing Mother Earth and the oceans during this time of terrible disaster, and invites you to join her in chanting it daily. This mantra helps the earth in her evolution and brings balance to the effects our presence here has on her: Om Dharayei Namaha

Deva and Miten also suggest chanting the Gayatri Mantra
to support healing the oceans and all beings who live there:

Om bhur bhuvaha svaha
Tat savitur varenyam
Bhargo devasya dhimahi
Dhiyo yonah prachodayat

The Gulf of Mexico
Sea and Sky
The Gulf of Mexico June 2010
The Gulf of Mexico 2008


The Gulf Call to Sacred Action
sponsored by Evolutionary Leaders: In Service to Conscious Evolution

Collective Karmic Balancing & Learning

© Dr. Lilliana Corredor

Cleaning the Oceans

At The Whale Dreaming Festival on Sunday a group called Take Three spoke of their initiative of each person taking three pieces of rubbish from the ocean or beach each time we visit. We can clean up this world.


A Massive Wake-Up Call

We need to go beyond the blaming of BP, politicians and other obvious decisionmakers who have fallen down on their duty of care.
We need to look to our own lives to the metaphors. Where have we made shoddy decisions? where are we toxic? where have we
fallen down in our duty of care? what do we use that is made of crude oil? how can we tread more lightly on the earth? how do we
personally care for the environment? how can we change over to free energy systems? .......

This is a major wake-up call for all of humanity ---
wake-up from our sleepiness, overcome our addictions and stulitifying habits, educate ourselves to what is operating in the
finer creational realms, connect to Spirit, connect to our Higher Selves, listen and change, clean-up after ourselves,
care for others, be responsible for our own decisions...

Oil was gushing at perhaps 38 million gallons a day since April 20th
hopefully now capped

Gulf Loop Current Stalls from BP Oil Disaster

Index of scientific documentation for the scenario painted in the Hollywood blockbuster film in which a sudden
ice age is caused by the thermohaline current coming to a halt due to the infusion of fresh water from melting ice


The Gulf Call to Sacred Action
sponsored by Evolutionary Leaders: In Service to Conscious Evolution

Veritas - Interview with James Fox regarding the situation in the Gulf of Mexico.

Michio Kaku: Hurricane impact along Gulf coast to dump oil ‘all over the South’; Potentially 100s of miles inland..
Michio Kaku also discussed the possibility of the oil leak lasting most of our lifetimes.


BP Gulf oil spill,Webbots Update1 prediction of ill winds,Mass evacuation,1.3 deaths,2nd revolution

EXTREME RED ALERT! Evacuation about to happen! Storms are mobilizing FEMA

David Icke .... A dire report prepared for President Medvedev by Russia’s Ministry of Natural Resources is warning today that the British Petroleum (BP) oil and gas leak in the Gulf of Mexico is about to become the worst environmental catastrophe in all of human history threatening the entire eastern half of the North American continent with “total destruction” …

… Russian scientists are basing their apocalyptic destruction assessment due to BP’s use of millions of gallons of the chemical dispersal agent known as Corexit 9500 which is being pumped directly into the leak of this wellhead over a mile under the Gulf of Mexico waters and designed, this report says, to keep hidden from the American public the full, and tragic, extent of this leak that is now estimated to be over 2.9 million gallons a day.’


David Icke


Collective Karmic Balancing & Learning
© Dr. Lilliana Corredor

We May Seek Assistance from Beings in the Multi-Dimensional Realms
Here are five of my Spirit photos

Full Moon
White Wolf
ET 22-09-08


Five of my photos of Spirit Beings
of the Invisible Realms.

Cloud of Death followed by Tsunami traveling at 400-600 MPH 1/2

Type your location on the map to put the 'spill' into perspective.

Leilani Munter: Thoughts on the BP Oil Spill and Tony Hayward

Bashar Speaks on the Gulf of Mexico Oil Gusher

Meditation on Healing the Gulf of Mexico - Lazaris - 15 minutes

In this Age of Transparency, greed and avarice will have their own rewards. Exposure, Shame and Loss.


Ocean Currents
Where will the ocean currents and winds transport
the oil? What beaches will ultimately be affected
and how far inland will the disaster spread?
Will this dome be effective in capping
the gushing oil? Pray that it does. It didn't.


Bashar Speaks on the Gulf of Mexico Oil Gusher

Meditation on Healing the Gulf of Mexico - Lazaris - 15 minutes

Reproductive Health Concerns in the Aftermath of the Gulf Oil Disaster

Unity Wave World Wide Intention Focus

Powerful techniques to Light-en the Heart - manifest what you want

Type your location on the map to put the 'spill' into perspective.

Requiem for the gulf - Man's Folly

Gulf Air Unsafe

Leilani Munter: Thoughts on the BP Oil Spill and Tony Hayward

Webbots tell of Oil Volcano continuing to gush oil until March 2012
The shape of things to come Issue 5

Microbes help clean up the oil?
The Texas Land Office and Texas Water Commission successfully used 'oil eating' microbes to clean up large oil spills in just weeks.
Microbes hunt down and eat the toxic oil and leave only a biodegradable waste that is non-toxic to humans and marine life.

Matt Simmons: "Theres another leak, much bigger, 5 to 6 miles away"

Views from another perspective

Morning Mayan Update


70,000 - 100,000 barrels a day?! - Nearly a month after the explosion on the Deepwater Horizon oil rig,
BP America, Inc. President Lamar McKay appears once more before Congress to explain the new techniques
being tried to halt the spill. Also, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano provided the federal government's
response to the oil rig disaster.

This video shows the tremendous speed and amount of the oil gushing out.

Satellite Images of extent of Deepwater Horizon spill entering the ocean loop

Oil Gushing in the Gulf of Mexico
Does this Tragedy Have the Power to Trigger
Lasting Transformation in Human Consciousness ?

How many millions of gallons since Tuesday April 20th
There are 42 gallons in a barrel

Some estimates put it at 3.4 million gallons a day gushing into the gulf and now ocean

Paradise Lost?

Paradise Lost?
Have Heart! There's Great Hope! Great Change on the Way!

No doubt everyone reading here has asked the question: What can I do? When this catastrophe occurred
in the Gulf of Mexico on 20th April I spent the first few days in deep mourning because of the massive damage
and continued trashing of our beloved Mother Earth. Surely She is almost beyond giving.

Over and over I have asked the question What can I do?

On remote viewing the situation in the Gulf I saw that there is a lot that we're not being told
and that the ensuing impacts will be enormous, - notwithstanding Mother Earth's capacity to heal Herself.
The good news is that we are in The Age of Transparency and thus there can be no more secrets, no more lies. Look with fresh eyes.
Don't be seduced into grasping onto dysfunctional, greedy and corrupt systems.

A Quick Gloss of the Catastrophe Playing Out in the Gulf of Mexico
It was man-made. BP. Transocean. Halliburton.
‘Drill baby drill’ folly, carelessness and ineptitude caused the ‘accident’.
Lust for oil wealth – pure and simple.
Drilling into what is believed to be one of the planet’s largest reserves of oil.
Drilling 5,000 feet below the surface of the ocean.
Numerous drill holes have already weakened the stability of the ocean floor.
How much luxury will satisfy the over rich oil barons and punters on the stock market?
How many plans for free energy devices have been bought up or suppressed?
How many trinkets made from the by-products of oil will satiate the ever-burgeoning consumerism?
Guesstimate of 210,000 gallons of oil gushing out per day.
Doubling? Trebling? Per day…that’s well over a million gallons per week.
How will Mother Earth compensate for a massive empty underwater reservoir?
Destroying wildlife, air quality, livelihoods such as fisheries and tourism related activities.
Oil is lighter than water and it rises to the surface.
As of 6:5:2010 the oil spill is larger in area than the state of Florida.
How far will the ocean currents transport the oil around the world?

Update to watch - also asks Where is Al Gore?

Dead Dolphins on the Whitehouse Lawn?

Disaster unfolds slowly in the Gulf of Mexico

Oil Spill 101

Track the Spill

Mother of all gushers could kill Earth's oceans

Animated gulf oil spill map

About the Big Spill

How you can help if you live in the area.

If you make a mess, clean it up.

So many oblivious to the possible consequences. When I raised the question at a recent
social function the comment was: Um, yeah, I heard something about that. Like a canape?

This could gush for weeks, months or even years 10? 15? 20? before it is contained or runs out.
Will the pipe/s be dislodged by the pressure?
What caused the hole in the helo-deck?

The New Gulf War
The first red flag around the event is that the BP rig that caught on fire, did so on 4/20, The cluster of
events around 4/20 in this country’s history is formidable; Waco, Oklahoma City, Columbine and of
course, it’s Hitler’s birthday and International Bake Day. And now we have this brutal catastrophe
that is spewing 210,000 gallons of crude a day. The black scum is now hitting Florida, ....

BP Plc engineers desperately explored options on Sunday to control oil gushing from a ruptured well deep under the Gulf of Mexico
after a setback with a huge undersea containment dome fueled fears of a prolonged and growing environmental disaster.

Added to that...

Solar Activity

Solar Flares

Here Comes the Sun

Space Weather

Effect of increased solar activity - the sun is erupting – 'exploding'?

Aerial spraying of chemical dispersants creates their own toxic problems.
Attempt to cap the large opening/s at a seafloor water depth of 5000 feet - in pitch darkness.

Will they light the slick to burn it? What if lightening strikes?
Polluting air for anything that breathes - humans, plants, animals.

I’ve read all manner of possible solutions from ‘pinching’ the pipe, positioning millions of tons of rocks
over it, argument for disclosure - asking for ET assistance, nuke it (seriously!), hairdressers all over
the world to donate hair clippings or stuff it used towels and duct tape. I personally wonder whether
the solution might be found in the Bermuda Triangle or by some other paranormal means.

Bermuda Triangle

Will the Mysterious Help Solve the Problem?

Contemplate the Metaphor
Oil is the life-blood of Mother Earth

"This is the Seventh Sign: You will hear of the sea turning black, and many living things dying because of it." Hopi Prophecy

Edgar Cayce predicted that the so-called "Battle of Armageddon" described symbolically in the Bible would begin in 1999.
Cayce foresaw that this "battle" will not be a war fought on Earth. Rather, it will be a spiritual struggle between the
"higher forces of light" and "lower forces of darkness" for 1000 years of Earth time.

Recently a dear friend said: Cedar, we need more shamans in government. That may not happen!, however,
we can use all our talents, efforts, mindfulness, letter writing skills and high magic to raise the bar.

Kiesha Little Grandmother: One with Nature

Our mother is Goddess and our father is God and we are the children of
Goddess and God so we too are Goddess and God.

Mayan Elder and 13th Generation Shaman Don Alejandro Perez Oxlaj


For the Love of Water

I am passionate about learning more of the qualities and mysteries of water. In 2008 I changed
my surname to Rivers in honour of the waterways of the world and out of deep respect for much of
the stuff we are made of. I have a profound love for the lakes, streams, dams, canals, rivers and
oceans and all that they give and allow. The river has much to teach and metaphors abound.
A common spiritual practice is to go the river or forest to contemplate, pray, commune and seek guidance.

Recently when I was down by the river I met a gentle man called Michael. He told me that he had
been coming to the river almost daily for 15 years to fish and that he always releases the fish back
into the river. He clears away rubbish and keeps an eye on illegal fishing practices and stock levels of
various species, and if they are low he purchases hundreds of tiddlers 'to keep the river healthy
and so that others can enjoy the pleasures of fishing.'


Infinity Orb over the Yarra

Michael and I met by this majestic river.

Michael's T shirt reminded me of the famous
Forrest Gump quote of 'Sometimes there just
aren't enough rocks'....
and I thought Yup...
Some people just talk too much and act too little.


Energies of These Days

Energetically at this time our cells are being detoxified – this brings out rage, anger
and miscommunications - the consequences of which may be very painful and call for
deep introspection, change, humility and the courage to admit our errors
and apologise skillfully if needs be, - then to forgive ourselves.

Anger and rage are not the way
Also, they will not solve the problems of the oil spillage
only a heart centred approach will do it.
Mindfulness, High Magic.


Some very practical things you can do now.

Decide on ONE thing that you're willing to do for the environment.
Slow down and connect with Nature.
Take custodianship of your natural surroundings.
Teach the children to grow food and flowers.
Sign Up and Show Up for Clean Up projects.
Participate in regular community activities.
Send positive thoughts to The Gulf and all
other waterways currently being poisoned.
Tune in to the Spirits of Nature and ask
for their assistance in the restoration.
Lobby to stop all offshore drilling.
Pray for Unity Consciousness.
Focus on Love and not fear.
Help clean the waterways.
Stay in your heart.
Believe in miracles.
Your ideas go here.........
and here.................

Join with others to PRAY, SING, CHANT and IMAGINE
the waterways of the world already restored to a pristine state.


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