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Opening to Higher Self and Soul

Centre of the Soul
Soul Centre: An image for meditation on the Soul.
Viewed into the heart of being.

This article is my attempt to begin exploring our connection to Soul.  I invite you to reflect with me on these concepts and together we may deepen and evolve our insights.  My belief is that if our lives unfold from our connection to our Higher Self, Soul and Spirit we will create our world from our highest and most radiant potential.

What is Soul?
Our Soul is that eternal and infinite spark in us that is simultaneously part of the Cosmic All That Is, which journeys in and between incarnations on earth and elsewhere, garnering experiences and becoming self-aware so that it may add to and enrich the ever-evolving Dream of The Divine.  Our Soul is in a state of Oneness and connectedness nested within Spirit. In essence, who we really are is 22 grams of Soul - the rest is dressing.

True Self

As we awaken to the reality of our Soul dwelling within, we begin an awe-inspiring journey of discovery of the complex dimensions in which we live. As we open and commit to becoming our Optimal Self, our paths lead deeper into an understanding of our infinite aspects, and in the process we come to know that we are omni-dimensional and cherished aspects of God. We come to value every minute of life on earth as precious and sacred when we know these truths in fullness.

In becoming a spiritualised human being, it is necessary to consciously develop our spiritual body, while also attending to the needs of our emotional, mental and physical bodies. Our unhealed emotional body in union with the negative ego delight in having us continue our habitualised patterns of behaviour to keep us from being in the intimacy of the present. Emotionality has a voracious appetite for attention, and so hungry is it for sustenance that it may prevent us from knowing who we truly are.

It is our birthright to know we are Spirit first and foremost and therefore whole and not fragmented as our emotions may lead us to believe.  Even when we live in a state of suffering and ignorance we are still whole and cannot be otherwise. Our wholeness is a given as being of Spirit is a given.  Our Soul expresses this wholeness through the quality of Oneness, which we can access whenever we focus our attention on it.  Not focusing our attention on wholeness and Oneness keeps us locked in a state of forgetfulness and suffering.

 Photo of Soul

Photo of Soul 
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Zoom in for magnificent pearlescence

The Quickening    

As the speed and complexity of modern life accelerates at breath-taking pace, it may be that some of the things that will save us from ourselves are to learn to further open our hearts, to continue developing our spiritual bodies and having a deep, personal relationship with our Higher Self and Soul. By learning to live in these finer vibrational realms, we may then choose to consciously interact with the Higher Self and Soul aspects of our partner, family, friends and colleagues as well as with their personality selves.

The Mystery
Sacred Connections

Keys to Soul Reality    

Our Higher Self is our closest ally and an aspect of our Soul and Spirit.  The Higher Self, Soul and Spirit cannot be seen with our physical eyes and therefore we could be led to believe they do not exist. 

The illusion is separateness.  
The truth is connectedness.
The illusion is fear, ignorance, suffering and being alone.
The truth is unity and Wholeness and knowing we are a part of Spirit.

Imagination and intuition are tools that open a feeling door or portal to the seemingly unknown worlds of Higher Self, Soul and Spirit. Knowing is a quality of Soul which allows us to know information with certainty. It transcends belief and can lead us to knowledge and abilities we may otherwise be unaware of. If we imagine we are in Wholeness as Spirit, a feeling state of peace, harmony and connection ensues. This state of Oneness can be experienced through our focused attention, intuition and imagination. 
Another way to the Soul is through the Heart. It is a Key. We have within us what we seek. The grail that physically houses the Soul is to be found in the Heart Centre, both metaphorically and actually - cocooned near the breast bone between the heart and the thymus gland. Sensitives with highly astute clairvoyance skills may witness the Soul exit the body at the Heart Centre at the time of death.

Membranes have shrouded the Soul in heaviness keeping us in the illusion and belief that we are just bodies experiencing existence in a mundane world. Long ago, religious and political power brokers devised and perpetrated this falsehood with a built in promise of Paradise after death for obedience and servitude to their cause.

Earth Heart The Art

Co-Creating a New Earth

Heaven can be found on Earth right now. That is the truism. The Earth-Heart relationship is another Key for contemplation. Paradise is already here and the never-ending journey of co-creation with Higher Self, Soul and Spirit ensure its discovery with the promise of personal freedom, joy and sovereignty.

The conditions are now ripe for the Soul's emergence. Cosmic and Earth energies are stimulating greater spiritualisation of matter. Evidence of the Soul becoming free of its age-old imprisonment is being experienced in such occurrences as remarkable synchronicities, rolling epiphanies, hearts’ opening with compassion and agape, miraculous manifestations, actual revelations of life beyond the physical, and the development of multi-sensory abilities that meta-skilled young people already express as natural.

Join with me in exploring our connections to Higher Self, Soul and Spirit. Together, we can create our world from our finest and most radiant potential as cherished aspects of God.




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