Cedar's Pearls


Prosperity is your right.
Get rid of clutter and negativity
in your life including destructive people
and prepare to receive prosperity and love.
I spread generosity and delight and allow abundance and joy into my daily life.

It is never wise to assume that your
regretful behaviour has been
understood and forgiven.
Do not be too proud to apologise.
Look the person in the eyes and state
clearly what you are apologising for.
I communicate my apology with courage
and sincerity directly to the person
that I have offended

Consider seven things you are grateful for
before getting out of, and going to,
bed each day. Use a Gratitude Diary
to write of your appreciation.
I set my outlook and attitude to gratitude.

Appreciation in Exchange
Gladly pay bills and loans in appreciation
of goods and services received.

Approach to Life
Set Love, not fear, as the compass of
your reality. You are a work in progress.

Attitudes and Beliefs
Your attitudes may be or may not be your own. They may come from parents, peers,
teachers, media and institutions.
I intend to find and be true to
my authentic self.

Astute Imaging
Excellence and wisdom have an opportunity to surface when you hold everyone in their highest light with compassion and respect
for their choices.

To be authentic, risk speaking
your truth with courage and honesty .
I communicate the highest truth
from my Higher Self and Soul.

Harmony and balance are fluctuating
states… a dance of movement adapting
to each occurrence in the moment
with ease and grace.

Believe to Receive
What ever you believe, you receive.
This is the Cosmic Law of Attraction.
Choose to receive all gifts from others
including the Supreme Creator
consciously and with gratitude.

Knowing you belong allows you to
feel safe. Surrender doubt and take
your place with confidence.

Be Peace
Choose to BE what you
want to have in your life.
If you want joy be joyful.
If you want peace be peaceful.
If you want love be loving.
If you want kindness be kind.
Life mirrors my choices back to me.

Body Care
Caring for the body is honouring
its ability to generate happiness.
I treat my body with love, respect and care.

Thoughts are limitless and cannot be restricted. Negative thinking needs to
be identified, clarified and retrained.

Breathe with consciousness in the ‘now’
moment and connect to light, love
divinity and profound peace.
I breathe myself alive and conscious.

Child Care
Support your child’s active imagination
and trust your child to create with confidence even if you don’t
understand the result.

Chaos brings change.
Change always leads to something better.
Have profound faith that clarity may be found amidst the chaos. Acute clarity leads to best possible decisions and actions.
I am the captain of my own life.

Change is dynamic, unstoppable and certain. Resisting change is to suffer.
I risk surrender and flow with courage.

Challenges are creative opportunities
to expand imagination, extend flexibility
and trust your ability to choose
from infinite options.
The benefit of overcoming obstacles is awakening to the higher purpose.

Changing States
Change in moods is inevitable.
Welcome them with no expectations,
for fully feeling sadness and anger
is as important as celebrating joy.

Although chaos usually brings pain and suffering, please don't fear it. Out of the turmoil of chaos comes new creation.
Wait in chaos with willingness and confidence for the light to shine
on a clear path to follow.

Moodiness is a default mode that can
be changed or exchanged by
conscious choice.
I choose my state of being.

Cherish the Children
Treat children as you would like to be treated, if you were in their place.
They are souls divinely directed
to express a true reality.
I fully support each child’s
development and divinity.

Free choice is your right.
Make conscious and considered
choices to live a blissful, creative
and passionate life.

Clean Food and Water
We are what goes in, (and out of)
our mouths. Know where your water
and food comes from. Grow vegetables,
fruit and herbs for yourself and others
even on the balcony, roof or nature strip!
Bless everything before eating it,
and out of respect for self, do not ingest
anything that you know is harmful.
I see the Earth Mother and
her gifts with new eyes.

Clean Up!
Restore the environment,
all environments at every opportunity.
La Mama, home, work and playground.

Clear Communication
Communicate clearly.
Lack of communication always
brings separation and suffering.
Listen without judging, advising or prompting. Say what you want to say.
If you are misunderstood, see it as
an opportunity to clarify.

Climate Change
The wise one and the fool see
nature differently. What we do to the
Earth Mother, we do to ourselves.
Co-Creating Paradise on Earth requires
a caring and conscious humanity.

When you speak your truth without blame, apology, explanation or justification
your words have power and
empower others in return.

Communion with the Divine
Prayer is talking to the Divine.
Meditation is listening to the Divine.

An effective mode of prayer is a
wordless feeling of gratitude,
believing and knowing that what
you want is already available in the mysterious now moment.

Chaos is fertile ground for focus and imagination to manifest successful outcomes. Even intense effort is easy
when you choose to flow with it.
I flow like a river.

Everything in the Universe is created
from pure light. Fill every atom and surround your body with pure white light.
There is Divinity in every cell of my body.

Confidence is trust manifested in reality.

Confucius Says
Govern a family as you would cook
a small fish - very gently.


Happiness is a decision
and unhappiness a choice.
Do not postpone happiness.
Choose it now.

Creative Dreaming
An active imagination is
one of your greatest allies.

Creative Manifestation
Pleading and bargaining for help
from the Universe gambling.

Telling the Universe clearly
and succinctly how to co-create
an outcome with you is
creative manifestation.

Creativity is God’s gift to you.
Manifesting it is your gift to the world.

Creative Visualisation
Imagination creates the future.
Stagnation holds the past.
Active visualisation creates infinite
possibilities and unlimited solutions.

A decision is a choice to act with confidence accepting the results with courage and equanimity. Trust your inner knowing to direct your decisions.

Default Mode
Your default modes are those recurring
behaviours, thoughts or conversations
that you defer to that keep you from
being intimate with the present moment.

The Universe responds to clear directives.
Knowing what you want allows you to formulate clear and concise
directives to achieve it.

Discernment is the mark of maturity.
Be discerning without judgement.

Difference and differing perspectives are
gifts to be treasured. Seek to understand
perspectives different from your own.

Divine Support
God wants for you
what you want for yourself.

God wants for me what I want for myself.

Choose sovereignty from a place of
self-approval, self-love and forgiveness.

Doubt v Clarity
When in doubt
choose a direction,
clarify intention,
explore options,
plan, prioritise and
surrender to Divine timing
and act with confidence.

Your friends reflect who you are.
What you hate, resent, blame and judge reflects what you need to accept, integrate, understand and forgive in yourself.

Positive ego grants self-esteem, confidence, tolerance, empathy
and freedom. It takes courage and tenacity to accept and befriend your negative ego.
Free your demons and live!

Elderhood has been earned when wisdom and experience culminate in service to others for the positive benefit of all.
Walk with intelligence and wisdom.
Elderhood knows no age.

Reclaim and express your power
with strength, softness and humility.

Energy Exchange
Debt is delaying paying.
Paying promptly is playing the game.
Generosity of spirit is the way to proceed.
When someone gives to me,
I pay it back or pay it forward.

Choose to live life creatively, joyfully,
successfully and full of fun and wonder.

Ask. Seek. Know.
Don’t make assumptions.

Envision Life
If you can imagine it
and it's in mutual benefit
you can have it all in Divine timing.

Epiphanies are peak experiences or
realisations of the essence of something
or someone. They occur when you are in
alignment with your truth and
awareness of purpose.

Balance comes when
thinkers feel
and feelers think.

Do your very best and
celebrate your outcomes
even when they may differ
from your original intentions.

Open to the new.
Beyond your insecurities
lie the vibrancy of new vistas.

Expect only of yourself.
Ask of others what you want,
without demands or expectations.

The family is the core of civilization.

Children inherit a rich legacy when their mother and father love each other.


The emotions of fear and terror
are against your best interests.
Fear is the cause of most illness
and it prevents you from remembering
your true origins.

For God's sake, and mine I identify
my fears and clear them.

Feelings just are.
They are neither positive nor negative.
Emotions are energy in motion.
They are responses to feelings.
You can choose how to respond to your feelings and how to express the emotion clearly and cleanly without involving
others in the process.

Financial Freedom
We feel abundant when
we spend less than we earn.
I am in charge of my own prosperity.


Choose to spend money joyfully
knowing when to give
and when to receive
and when to stay in the
harmonious flow of balance
neither overspending
or underspending.

Turn negative focus into its positive.
To not believe is to open to
the sea of possibility at random.
Focus, concentrate and
choose direction with passion.

Focused Intention
Add focus to intentions, surrender and release them with trust.
Creative manifestation is clear intent, enfolded in infinite possibilities, held in trust for the best possible outcome.

If you hold on to anger, resentment, judgement and hatred, you will continue
to create a world that reflects
your own inner violence.
I choose to forgive and be forgiven.

Are you caught up in emotional addictions, debilitating vows, contracts and obligations?
Freedom is knowing that
you are loved for who you are.
You can then love yourself and others
without judgement, criticism or blame.

Friendships are like gardens,
they need to be nourished
and tended or else they
wither and die.
Friendship is the ability to give
and receive generously, consistently,
with honesty, compassion,
acceptance and trust.

Friendships reflect a sense of joyful reciprocity, inspirational upliftment and compassionate sharing in the good times and the not-so-good times.

From Woundedness to Wholeness
Acknowledge the feeling.
Accept it.
Track it.
Trace it back further to its source.
With exploration comes insight.
Understanding dissolves the charge
or intensity of the original feeling.
Forgiveness brings peace.
Clarity of the cause brings positive
focus for future action and direction.
Feel>Accept>Track> Trace>Surrender>Forgive>Act

Giving and Receiving

To give and to receive is
a reciprocal energy.
I receive and give with equal willingness.

God's Masterpiece

A loving family is one of
God's masterpieces.

Thoughtfulness creates thankfulness.
Thankfulness creates generousness.
Generousness spreads joy.
Joy creates peace.
Peace creates love.
Love creates more Love.

Gratitude is a willingness to appreciate
the given, the not yet given, that which is
taken for granted and a focus on
what is, not what is missing.

Growth is cyclic and spirals dynamically, expanding and contracting, with periods
of rest, creating depth.
All learning, and even repetitive
lessons are never wasted.




Happiness is acceptance of all that you
are realising it is as it is without
judgement, guilt, shame or blame.
Identify the positive qualities and things
that make you happy and ensure
that you create them in your life.
It is as it is.


Inner peace is possible,
thereby making outer peace achievable.
Harmony and balance are achieved by loving yourself and finding meaning
in each moment.
I deserve to be happy.

Healing Process

The beginning of total healing rests in
self-forgiveness and self-acceptance.
Healing involves
feeling without judgement,
acceptance without blame,
exploring the origin of pain and suffering
and then choosing again.

I polish the stains from my Soul.

Heart-Mind Connection
Loving is effortless when
the heart and mind are open.
For many, the journey from the mind to
the heart is the longest journey of all.
Withholding love only creates loneliness, despair and self-righteousness.
Conflict disolves in the field of love.

Highest Good
Refrain from choosing friends out of
duty, loyalty, usefulness or competition.
Friends are inspirational and creative allies. Share your achievements,
joys and sorrows with them.

The parents’ role is to love, encourage,
support, protect and acknowledge their
children in freedom and respect for their
choices while providing safe boundaries.

Human Conditioning
We have been taught and bought the lie of duality. Suffering is not a human obligation.
It is a learned response to eons of greed
and the rules and expectations of
the powers that be and society.
My natural state is to be in joy and at peace.

I am an unlimited, eternal being
of Light and Love.

Imagination is your greatest ally.
Use the unlimited creative power
of your thoughts and emotions
to have a joyous life and to
be of service to humanity
and the planet.

Inner Abilities
Power comes from within.
Attune to your personal power by
celebrating the wisdom, love and
strength that it provides.

Inner Allies
The astute inner voices of intuition
and imagination are inherent and
fully available to all. They are followed
by the wise yet utilised by few.
My imagination and intuition
are my greatest allies.

Inner Peace
Inner peace is your right.
To access it is your responsibility.
To maintain it is your choice.

Inner Tuition
Intuition is turning inward for tuition
trusting the wisdom received and
acting on it as it is a birthright,
not a novelty.
My intuition is The Voice of my Soul.

Be of good intent.
When you enter the energy of transformation it creates a spiral of
effects that reverberate all around you
to help create your heart’s desire.

Nothing exists in isolation.
As you learn and do your healing, it assists
others in their journey of transformation.
Your creativity inspires creativity in others.
Your love of Spirit opens pathways
for others to follow.

Intimacy is a place where you risk
in order to feel the sacred ground
of acceptance and non judgement.
Intimacy is a place where honesty
creates a field of tenderness, joy, understanding and acceptance.

Intrinsic Aptitudes
Talents, skills and gifts are inherent.
Develop and strengthen your abilities
and celebrate and share your achievements.

Extend and receive invitations
with clarity, warmth and kindness.
People participate fully and don’t
overstay their welcome when
clearly briefed about your
hopes and intentions.

You are responsible
for your own joyfulness.
Expect no one else to
provide it for you.

Joy is a right and joyousness a preferred state. Accepting all your emotions or
states of being is a primary objective
in achieving happiness.

Know Myself
Self-knowledge creates peace and a place to rest meaningfully, curiously and serenely.
Achieving greater self-knowledge brings confidence. Confidence creates more opportunities for expansion and participation in life.

Letting Go of Condemnation
You judge yourself when you judge another. Criticism, undermining, shaming and blaming are never helpful as they
wither self-worth and confidence.
Constructive feedback and considerate comments are helpful when appropriate.

Love is knowing that you are
perfect as you are.
Love is always fluid and moving.
I surround myself with people I love
and who love me.

Life Experiences
Making mistakes and repeating experiences teach humility and help you
to learn, understand and grow.

Life Passages
Birth. Naming. First Step. First Word. Puberty. Youth. First Solo Journey. Young Adulthood. Partnership. Marriage. Creativity. Career Advancements. Maturity. Wise Woman. Wise Man. Elderhood. Death. Rebirth. etcetera.

Rites of Passage are sacred ceremonies that acknowledge and empower. They are opportunities to decide who we want to be,
to reinvent ourselves, and to share and celebrate our milestones with
others we care about.

Life Purpose
Life purpose and missions are many.
The clues are in your gifts, talents, impulses and skills. You know you're in
it when you feel alive, present and supremely contented.

Light Body
Your body is light manifested in form.
We absorb more light as we evolve spiritually. Celebrate its unique
expression by consciously co-creating
with your Light-body.

The process of manifestation involves
conscious use of imagination, clarity,
intention, focus and surrender with trust.
The building blocks of manifestation
are desire, imagination, faith,
expectation and high magick.

Many, due to trauma, are
psychologically ‘frozen’ in childhood
or adolescence and may never
reach maturity on all levels.
The mature person is self-responsible
and embodies understanding,
allowance and acceptance.

Mental Maintenance
When your mind is tormenting you, acknowledge your thoughts and let
them go without judging.
This self-talk of acknowledging
and letting go creates
and peace.

Laughter lightens, enlightens, enlivens,
delights and spreads joyousness.
Laughter is a health tonic.
Indulge in it often!

Contemplate your most precious memories from the past and visualise
what you really want in your life now
and in the future.

Take responsibility for the content
and quality of the thoughts
that create your reality.

See life through the eyes of your Soul.
God experiences life through
your senses today.

Wherever I go, and whatever I do,
I leave the place better than I found it.

Your Higher Self and Soul know
what is best for you.
Miracles are possible when you trust
the Divine within to manifest your desires.
I express more of my Higher Self and Soul.


You are surrounded by reflections of yourself. You create whatever
you perceive and believe.

Those in your workplaces, environments
and friends reflect aspects of yourself.
People who bring pain will move from your
life when you no longer need reflections
of limitation and dysfunction.

Move out of limiting and stultifying
situations when they do not honour
you as you know yourself to be.
I choose to see who I am
in all that surrounds me.


Mistakes made by humans are great teachers. They invite you to celebrate
your vulnerabilities, peculiarities,
frailties and strengths.

To accept your mistakes graciously,
trusting in the ability to remedy them
is the work of a winner.

The spiral of growth has a pattern of
Chaos > Surrender > Clarity >
Action > Achievement

Whether it is a flower, a tree
or a human being!

Use your imagination to fertilise chaos
and trust in the right moment
to act with confidence.

 Money Matters
Underspending and hoarding may be as
problematic as overspending and
amassing unmanageable debt.
Find the balance to fully experience
the creative energy of money.

 Money Games
Making money is a game of skill.
Play the game well, joyfully and
responsibly in awareness of the
universal flow of abundance.

Investing with integrity to make additional money shows understanding and excellence in the game.

Journey to the core of your being
to find your individual and unique tone.

Music nourishes the Soul
and opens and connects hearts.
Creating music is a means of
expressing divinity and pleasure.
It connects you to your artistry
and to life in the raw.

Listening to fine music
creates mood and atmosphere
that uplifts, harmonises, moves,
soothes and centres.

Natural World
Nature’s changes reflect the evolving patterns in your life. Seek the lessons in nature in order to find yourself. Its beauty reflects your purity and consciousness.
Nature’s beauty is a gift of serenity.
Nature restores my Soul.


Prepare food with love and eat only when hungry. Acknowledge the nourishment
your food gives and eat it with
mindfulness and thankfulness.

Bless your food and beverages.
Give and receive food with gratitude knowing the life that created it and the circle of people that provided it.

You may choose to do what you can
to assuage closed mindedness
and fanaticism by engaging in
compassionate dialogue.
I do not force my views upon others.

On Dying
You die as you live.
Ensure that your affairs are in order,
your wishes expressed and
your exit explicit.

The skill of conscious dying is to
die in a state of enlivened curiosity
and gratitude for life.

Oneness `
We are connected to the
Spirit of All That Is in Nature –
in trees, water, deserts and sky.
Spirit speaks with One Voice.

As in all of nature, you too are Spirit
and may enjoy a personal connection to this innate Spirit.
I align myself to the continuous dynamic
flow of Spirit within.

Fear attracts fearful experiences.
Love attracts loving experiences.

Optimal Future
My most favourable future
is found by following my bliss,
my passion, my love and my knowing.

Feelings and statements of boredom
reflect an unwillingness to act
from truth and knowing.
Passions are acts of enthusiasm
being present to the moment.

Past Perfect
Only in the now can you act.
Your past brings memories you can
freeze frame, or relive over and over, or remake and remodel, or accept
and move on to more living.
I heal and release all distorted and
painful memories of the past.

Patterns and Memories
The painful past can show up in
memories, emotions and feelings in
your body, mind and spirit.
Resolve it. Forgive it. Release it.
I feel it and let go.

My greatest contribution to creating a harmonious world is to find my own serenity, authority and joy.
I am peace with myself and my world.

Abundance is your law of living.
It is a conscious choice, an attitude
and a flow of energy.
I have a daily abundance of prosperity.

Inner peace is the wellspring
from which you draw your serenity.
Sending peaceful thoughts to world
leaders contributes to the possibility
of peace worldwide.
Genuinely joining my peace with others strengthens peace.

Trust the intuition of the Truer Expanded Self. There’s wisdom in knowing
when to persevere and when to let go.
Access this wisdom through trusting
and following your inner guidance.
I consciously co-create with my Soul.

Personal Power
Power has nothing to do with intimidation,
control or manipulation. It is the willingness to act with decisiveness, confidence
and right action.
Be assertive without being aggressive,
standing in and speaking your truth
with clarity, honesty and dignity.

Playfulness lightens the world,
increases joy, encourages harmony
and delights benevolent spirits.
I have been given a body in order to play.

Positive News
Search for the good news.
Extraordinary people and events are
everywhere to be found.

More people are becoming open hearted, compassionate, philanthropic and advocates for the wellbeing of humanity, the environment and the Soul within.

Present thoughts and feelings
create the future. Live deeply in every moment of the day. Make the most of
the creative present moment.
By living fully in the now
I am also creating my future.

Be prepared for chaos and emergencies.
Focus on solutions and do not fuel fear.
Reach out and trust in your the ability
to be calm to deal with any situation.
I am prepared and take charge
with clarity and confidence.

Being present in the Now opens infinite possibilities. Focusing in the moment brings awareness of available choices and peace with which to create my future.

Problem Solving
Every problem presents an opportunity
to learn. Bring fresh perspectives
and decisive actions to old
problems and new.

Professional Assistance
Reach out for help to overcome addictions and obsessive or destructive behaviour.

Honour and respect others by being
on time. Lateness creates confusion
and indicates a lack of regard.
Be clear of your intention
when you commit to a time.
I clear up confusion promptly when unavoidable lateness occurs.







Celtic Prayer Flags



The wilderness offers a place
to be in communion with self
and to enter the world of Spirit.

Questing in the wilderness allows us
to find a place to connect, reflect, face fears, discover and to be without doing.
The opening to the Grail
is found in the Heart.

There are times in life
when it’s wise to live quietly.
Being in silence and stillness creates
calmness and clarity.
I focus upon the mysteries of the Universe.

Maturity is a quality not an age.
It is always visible in the presence of
loving compassion and discernment.
Ripeness is all.

Transform consensus reality using
imagination, thoughts, intentions and
action for a creative and joyous life.

Reality Creation
Carefully monitor your thoughts, words, emotions and actions to continuously
evaluate and develop them.

Re-train your thoughts whenever they
are negative, blaming, shaming,
circular, stultifying or obsessive.

Cultivate the ability to joyously and wholeheartedly receive a person,
compliment, assistance or gift.

In a world where everything feels,
and awareness is all, harmful intentions create suffering. Suffering caused, reverberates back to its place of origin.

I choose love, joy and harmony
for my return.

Choose to live life in gratitude, grace
and beauty today and everyday.

Relationship is a dance of co-operation with the melody negotiated rhythmically
and the steps performed with
aliveness, harmony and grace.
Any relationship that is
built on love is holy.

Gratitude in the moment for what is wanted creates a positive resonance to achieve it in the future. It helps establish the most favourable vibrational field
for further manifestation.

Relationship is a field of love
not a battlefield or competition
for trading insecurities.
Allow relationships to cultivate love
and kindness, not war, control, manipulation and misery.

Releasing Tension
Conscious breathing provides
ease in the middle of turmoil.
Stress is a signal to go within,
review and choose again.
If self-discipline and decisive
action are required - do it.

See what needs to be done
and do it.
Just do it.

Resting when needed is wise.
Giving yourself permission to rest
is self nurturing. Denying yourself
rest when needed is a way
of torturing yourself.

Risk It!
Your comfort zone is the known zone
of your past experiences.
Risking moving out of your comfort zone could be an adventure that opens
undreamt of possibilities
including the option of
radical joyousness.

 Sacred Union
Sacred Union is a coming together of Souls sharing individual joys, sorrows
and experiences within a mutual bond
of trust, respect, honesty and
openness on all levels.

Spiritual Growth
Spiritual growth is about opening to
the exploration of all that I AM and
All That Is without rigidity,
prejudice or judgement.
Those in the higher realms
do not judge you.

A rich inner world is essential for
deep and lasting contentment.

Acknowledging others is a mirror for
self-acknowledgement. Lose interest in comparing, judging and competing in order to please others, normally parents.
There is no point seeking approval from those incapable of giving it. It only hurts.
I acknowledge myself and find it from
those willing and able to give it.

Shorten your ‘To Do’ list by doing things sooner, rather than later, organisation
and putting things away, not down.
Choose a Buddy to aid in reciprocal discipline such as exercise and overcoming addictions.

All sickness is created before it reaches the body. Exploring the causes on mental, emotional or spiritual levels clears the
effects in the body.

Unrequited self-love is by far the most painful. It comes from the
hole, not the whole.

Loving oneself is not selfish.
Without self-love, giving and receiving is distorted to pleasing, impressing, placating and compromising.

Self-love is the foundation for compassionate, joyous living and loving.
It leads to unconditional love
and selfless service.
I love and accept myself and
treat others the same.


Define your boundaries with clarity, courage and dignity. Self-respect
makes it impossible to harm another.
As you come to like yourself more
and more there is no way that you
could do anything that you
would dislike yourself for.

You are worthy and deserve
to love and to be loved.

Today is a good time to begin my life
review. The reality of death is a reminder
to live the life I choose now!
Reviewing my life now saves
regrets at the end.
I choose to celebrate life today and always.


Being in ones power helps to let go
of blame, shame, martyrdom
and victimhood.
Sovereignty, kindness and compassion
are meaningful goals.


The five senses of hearing, touch,
smell, sight and taste only portray the collaborated or consensus illusion.
Senses such as intuition, telepathy, empathy, teleportation and clairvoyance reveal a reality of infinite possibilities.

Sexual Intimacy
Sexual intimacy is not only about the
erotic art of love-making. It’s about
risking honesty for the sake of deep sharing. Whether or not it is
reciprocal, it is a choice to share
without shame, fear or guilt.

Truly intimate love-making is a playground of pleasures to celebrate your love and your bodies and if chosen, creates
an opening to the Divine Oneness.
I give and receive in trust and full presence
while making love with my partner.

How you use your money says a lot
about how you live our life - fearfully or
joyfully, generously or miserly.
Exercise generosity by sharing time,
energy and material resources
with others.

Material signs offer directions.
Natural signs confirm intuitions.
Attention to signs places one
in harmony and flow to achieve
the best possible outcomes.

Smile and lift the burdens.
Smile and create the ripple effect of joy.
Smile and receive lightness,
brightness and comfort.

True solutions unfold from a non- competitive place of exploration.
A wildness to enquire without
surrendering to the limits.
A willingness to put energy
into clarifying the question.
Using active imagination
to guide the exploration.
Enquiring not despairing.
I acknowledge and celebrate my efforts.

Noble virtue is the true state of the Soul.
Your Soul is part of the world
Part of the galaxies
Part of the cosmos
Part of a wholly Infinite God.

Soul Friend
An Anam Cara is a Gaelic term
for Soul love or friend, someone you can
open to and trust with your vulnerabilities,
achievements, sacred visions and dreams. Call in such a guide who
is also teacher and friend.

Soul-mates are many and may be teachers, companions, partners
and spiritual family.
Twin Flame is that other half of you that
began the journey into matter eons ago.
It is rare to find your twin flame
in this lifetime.

Spirals of Growth
There is calmness in the centre of the spiral. All growth moves in spirals.
In nature, and when one experiences,
thinks, feels and reflects.
Contemplation on this creates wisdom, individuality, imagination and freedom.

State of Grace
Grace is open to all.
It is a state of appreciation
and connection to All That Is
in elegant surrender and peacefulness.

Stress Less
When stressed
feel the stress
let go of blame and guilt
feel it lessen
track the fear
ask for help
and feel the peace.

Why worry, when I can wonder?

Subtle Signposts
Listen within to the whispers
and watch for the signs.
Gentle nudges, signposts and
synchronicities guide the way.

In the presence of others in any kind of
pain - Listen. Allow their story to be
voiced’. Do not move them to ‘get on
with it’. Share their space in
compassionate serenity.
If it's in my life, it's mine.

Trust in the ability to surrender.
Allow the support from unknown sources. Let go and let it in.

Talents and Gifts
Identify your gifts, strengths, skills
and achievements and develop
and enjoy them.
That’s why you have them!

Gratitude is the Key that turns
an ordinary life into a sacred life.

The cosmic law of cause and effect
holds all of your thoughts and intentions
in your aura and energy fields.
Purposefully replace outmoded and undesirable thoughts, attitudes and habits with new and constructive ones.
I create my world just as I want it.

Thoughts and Feelings
Thoughts are manifested instantly and may take a while appear in your reality.
Adding feelings and expectations to thoughts bring powerful results.

Thoughts Create
Negative thoughts combust, explode, bombard, negate and implode.
Positive thoughts build, sustain, expand, flourish, strengthen and enrich.
Choose thoughts carefully and ‘edit – cancel – clear’ the negative ones.

Time is Illusory
Time is a construct and contract to plan, connect and place ourselves in this dimension or ‘time frame’.
Beyond the illusion and third dimension
of time:space is an orientation of choice on the horizon of eternity.

Transformation is most powerful
when it comes from within. Acceptance, forgiveness and love transform guilt, blame and shame effortlessly.
Change the world by treating yourself
and others with care and thoughtfulness.

To triumph over bad habits and negative thoughts, first trust your ability to succeed – holding the positive and
throwing away the negative.

Triumph over Apathy
We criticise, undermine, blame, resent and judge when we are too lazy to think clearly, respond creatively or express
what we want truthfully.

Truer Self
Your Higher Unlimited Self guides you.
Trusting it, enlivens and protects you.
It signposts your most optimal and positive path and opens you to
divine and glorious realities.
I am my Higher Self and Soul.


Believe in what you discover for yourself
to be true and surrender consensus
reality with courage. Your own truth comes when you are ready to absorb it.

True Meanings

I can’t means I won’t.
I can means I will.
I choose means I stand by it.
I act means I risk.
I can and I do.

True Power
Being in true power allows for resourcefulness and infinite creations
and creative solutions.

Choose to create life trusting your imagination to handle the possible obstacles with confidence and ease.

Truth and Integrity
Speak truthfully and constructively.
Allow yourself to see others without projecting, to listen without judging,
to acknowledge without ‘buts’ and to express yourself clearly and lovingly.

Underlying Reasons
Disease and sleeplessness are
wake-up calls to pay attention
to the cause.

Under the Night Sky
Spending time with the night sky
informs us that we are a part of
the mystery, awe and sacredness of life.
By participating in this perception
we can touch the mystery
and belong.

Uniqueness is not rare. It is inherent.
Make no excuse for being powerful,
creative, brilliant, successful
and eccentric.

Unity is Universal.
Separation is illusion,
which creates victimhood
and fosters alienation.

Unity-Consciousness is a power
that opens hearts and connects us
in a circle of belonging.
I am in unity with all life.

Unseen Support
Angel is a name used to identify
expressions of divinity within and without.
Angels are helpers eager to support.
Enlisting them brings creative
solutions to problems.

When you want more energy, rest when appropriate. Enliven your energy by moving - dancing, walking, making love,
gardening, exercising or playing.

Miracles in healing occur when you focus on health and wellness rather than illness,
wholeness rather than separation.

What is My Question?
To find your answers,
first explore and clarify your questions.
Formulating your question is a
good place to start.

Who Am I?
I am body,
and Spirit
Three in One.
My perceptions shape my reality.
My Soul is One with all life.

You are love in essence and create your experiences through your beliefs, words, attitudes, emotions and thoughts.
I am Light infinitely realising itself as Love.


A blueprint for wholeness is always present, even in sickness
of mind and body.
I hold an image of myself in perfect
health, vitality and wellness.


Journeying in the wilderness reconnects us to the living presences around us where we may find our place,
commune with the spirits of nature,
enter the ‘real world’ and find metaphors that reflect our life stories.

When your ‘No’ and ‘Maybe’ are stronger and louder than your ‘Yes’
nothing changes.
Say Yes! With discernment.
Saying Yes to life brings unbridled joy,
participation and abundance!

Your Present Best
Doing the best you can
is a wondrous beginning
of a journey to evolution.

My best today could be
my starting point tomorrow.

Zero Point
The Divine spark is that indestructible
drop of Super Consciousness within
the heart. It is the origin of life and
consciousness out of nothingness,
the golden sheath of bliss and infinity.



From time to time over the years following the Harmonic Convergence of August 1987
I have been quietly formulating my personal discoveries and philosophical
blueprint for life which I affectionately call My Pearls.

I now invite you into my Circle to share My Pearls
and to embrace what rings true for you and disregard or modify the rest.  

The current cosmic and earth energies are similar in strength to those that created openings to higher
consciousness during the Harmonic Convergence. These vibrational frequencies are creating
quickenings on all levels, providing ideal opportunities for individuals to open
to a plethora of new awarenesses, synchronicities and creative projects.

If you have a creative project languishing in your bottom drawer,
perhaps this is the time to bring it out for sharing with a somewhat
larger audience than your knickers and socks.

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