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Mentoring - Spiritual Counselling - Life Direction
Psychic Guidance - Clarity for the Future with Cedar
By telephone or skype

Clarity and focus are essential in these times of massive change if we are to create remarkable lives and a glorious New Earth.

A consultation is interactive therefore it is necessary to formulate your key questions prior to your session.

Together we will unravel the practical steps to your most creative and optimal future.

3 Options
One-off session
Three sessions over three weeks
On-going mentoring

Contact me at cedars.circles@gmail.com
or privately message me on facebook at Cedar Rivers

Mobile: Australia 044 844 7764

Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to our session time so that you may settle.

Telephone Sessions are to be pre-paid either by paypal or direct deposit.

Session: $80 for one hour or

$120 for 90 minutes

Payment Options
PayPal:- cedars.circles@gmail.com
Personal and Bank Cheques accepted
Direct Deposit
Hooper Westpac Bank Account Number bsb 732575 account number 501619

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Cedar's Circles

Talks and Playshops on Co-Creating Communities and Kins Domains
Spiritual Circles, New Friendships, Creative Endeavours, Being of Service
Welcoming All Adults of All Ages and Spiritual Stages

Q and A with Cedar

Testimonial: Cedar’s intuition and deep connection with both the earthly and otherworldly is extraordinary.
I have come away with renewed focus and certainty of my path. Cedar has reminded me of what I already knew in my heart,
but has somehow been pushed aside in the craziness of life, work, small kids etc etc….
Inspiring, motivating, and more importantly I feel my heart connection is strong again.
Thank you.
... Natalie Mitchell

Your People ~ Your Place ~ Your Participation

Are you ready to unravel some mysteries, and take your spirituality and learning to the next level?
If your answer is Yes! then you are invited to organise a group of ten to twenty
of your friends and colleagues for a three or four hour Circle.

How to Co-Create a Space of Love... Presentation and Playshop exploring Anastasia Kins Domains, Spiritual Communities,
Transition Towns, Intentional Communities, Extended Family Communities, Permaculture or Organic Gardening Communities....

Cost: Sliding scale from $15 > $55

2010 ~ 2020 A Decade of Discovery and Enlightenment

Spiritual Discussions and Experiential Learning

Themes explored throughout this website and facebook wall may be explored. Topics however, will be determined by the interests
and needs of the group and may cover areas such as an evolving humanity, being of service, raising our vibrations,
co-creating reality, marvellous manifestations, synchronicity and beyond, interacting with the invisible realms,
sacred spaces and places, embracing cosmic law, 2012 perspectives, sacred geometry and messages of the
crop circles, evolving spiritual relationships, embodying the virtues, the role of metaphysical movies, next
seven generations, mystics and futurists, Elders and Mentors, Soul centred families, work and business.

Cost: Sliding scale from $15 > $55






From 1981 until 1995 I owned and operated Spiral metaphysical bookshop, promotions and publishing business
which was a centre for the expansion of personal development and spiritual growth in Melbourne.

Now this website continues the work of providing signposts towards the evolution of self into
planetary and cosmic citizenship. For the past 15 years I have worked with clients assisting
them to pursue their passions, talents and gifts by offering detailed and practical guidance and mentoring.

See Cedar's Wall on facebook for up to date discussions on all manner of topics.


Aiming for the heights.



The Human Condition



Individuals and groups interested in bartering may copy and freely use
this note with your clients and customers. Fits 4 to an A4 page.

Co-Creating a Glorious New Earth

Opening to Higher Self and Soul

Spheres of Light

Cedar's Pearls

Cedar's Articles

Where The Blue meets The Aqua

I took hundreds of photographs while in the US and Mexico for eight weeks - March and April 2008.
This one is my most favourite of all as it speaks to me of the unlimited mysteries
of the Sky and the Sea.

Sea and Sky

High up in the North, in the land called Svithjod, there stands a rock.
It is a hundred miles high and a hundred miles wide.
Once every thousand years a little bird comes to this rock to sharpen its beak.

When the rock has thus been worn away, then a single day of eternity will have gone by.

by Hendrik Willem Van Loon



Elegantly Surfing these Massive Waves of Change
Human Beings becoming Spirit Beings
Surfing the Waves
Photo by permission: Superb Photography Galleries - Visit Gary M's Creations

The Cosmic Wave of Change

Spiritual growth is rapidly evolving and it's impossible to miss the massive changes around and within us.
We're being stretched and supported to resolve and release old programming, pain and negativity.
Energies that belong to the old paradigm are dissolving or being dismantled
to make way for life-enhancing new creations.

Relationships are ending or transforming - becoming more authentic
more honest - more honouring - less habitual.

The waves of change have a life of their own now as we change from human beings to spirit beings.
Can you willingly surrender to the transformation and stay awake to what's happening at
deeper levels of our subtle bodies?

We know of many, many civilisations that have come and gone throughout the history of Terra/Earth.
I do believe we are 'soon' (cosmic time) to participate in events that will herald the most transformational
change the planet has ever witnessed. Will you surf these changes with courage, integrity, elegance and balance?
Will you support and inspire others?

Can you encourage your nearest and dearest to be a part of the new paradigm? Are you willing to
take the initiative and a position of responsibility? Perhaps a position of leadership?

You may discover that some things that you are passionately striving to
achieve currently - may soon seem quite irrelevant in the new reality.

Move swiftly now - time is of the utmost essence
to express your Spirit Being.

As we 'get to yes', manifestation occurs very quickly, even instantly.
Higher Self and Soul are becoming more apparent in daily life.

The Soul softly observes and supports your progress.
Create your life daily from this Space of Love.

Allow yourself to notice - and rest in gratitude -
for your beautiful creations.
These are the times long, long awaited. Savour the results.
You deserve this.

What now?

We are all in this cosmic wave of change.
Participate courageously and surf to bliss!



They say that the people here are magic.
They say that the people here have magic in their eyes.
Look into their eyes and you will see the light of love shining.
There's a word that the people say here.
A word that reminds you of some distant time ago.
A time many years ago when magic was a way.
A way of life
...from the book
'Eating for Immortality'

Living with Spirit 
Lessons in Metaphysics and Meditation
Enquire about hosting these sessions in your centre

Great Spirit

Artwork by Charles Frizzell

The Mystic's Brevity Code

Answer only when asked.
Answer only the question, nothing more.
When asked in skepticism or derision, answer with a question and with humour.