celtic gardens

Full Moon 2.12.09

Full Moon 2 December 2009
MacMasters Beach NSW

Full Moon

Invisible Spirit

The Invisible Made Visible

ET photographed at Celtic Gardens
at 11pm on the night of the full moon
on 20 May 2008

Spirit or Portal?

Spirit Being

Spirit Being

Reality unfolds its treasure trove of inspirational dimensional beings.


These photographs were taken in sequence
with no photographic adjustment
except for cropping.

Clearly, Nature reveals the landing of
this wondrous dimensional being on
a branch of a birch tree.

Cedar - 29 January 2008 Celtic Gardens

Angel Light
Angel close-up


The bright spirit being in this photo
is enlarged at the right here >>>>>>

Could it be an angel, faerie or some kind
of nature spirit near the apple tree?


Angel CG Jan 10 2008

It came after I asked it to 'flash'.
When enlarged on my desktop
a hint of the second wing shows
as does the head and body.

Chloe - a faerie? Taken at meditation.
Spirit being 50208
Spirit Being
Sylph 10:11:08

Beam of Light 1

Beams of Light
While attuning to Nature by the river at Warrandyte I was impulsed to take several photos of the environment. I was astonished to find a beam of light in the bush on the opposite bank of the river.

Beam of Light 2

A similar beam of light appeared above my room August 08. There is no pole there.

Beam of Light 3

This beam preceeded me around the garden - September 2008 The mystery of these light beams seem energetically coded with information. If you've cracked the code - please let me know.