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Sincere appreciation to the readers who sent in their orb and spirit photos.


Photo by Carmel Doak


Yvonne Scouller - Light Beings


Sandra Underwood
Orbs, Lightwaves and Cosmic Consciousness


Tracey Lee Oxford - YouTube


Donna Spratt - The Synchronicity Grid


Paula Johansen - New Golden Age



Darling little Zayla in pink pyjamas
at Chrismas concert 2009


Chris Hooper and Didi


Ammachi - The Divine Mother and Magnificent Orb
Mother's Darshan

Deva and Friend

Deva Premal in Concert Munich 2 May

Photo by Olga

Elaine Hexagonal orb photographed at Avoca Beach Theatre 17:11:08 by Elaine

Wendy Slee writes ~ I wanted to share something with you. This would have to be the strangest place I have ever found (or should I say "seen") an orb.

I have those amazing little Splendid Blue Wrens everywhere in my garden and one little wren has made a nest in my Jade plant. I have been watching the three tiny eggs for the last few days...

This morning one egg has hatched....and I could not help myself....I snapped a few quick images of the newborn (it is smaller than my thumbnail!!) It heard me and opened its little beak for some food. When I looked at the photo I could see something in its open mouth.
Baby Bird
Blue Wren

Paul 01

Double golden translucent orbs observing Paul in preparation for his daughter's wedding.

Paul NYE 08

Infinity and other orbs at play with
Paul and grandchildren NYE 2008


Robin shared this interesting photograph
of 3 different light shows at her father's
grave. Large orb over tree, beam of light
ending or beginning at her father's grave
and tower of light over a rosemary bush
that she planted.

Susan writes: As we were praying for World
Peace, Abundance for all and healing for
Mother Earth, our light being friends came
and joined us . Yes... they are here and this
is in no way dust, water spots or any other
kind of camera malfunction. This is the
original photo and we have many more.....

Denie's First Orbs

Denise - a friend of Robin and Paul's, and I spoke of orbs, faeries and things that go zoom in the night. To our great delight she photographed these beautiful orbs as well as other bright ones that very night.

Fiona Orbs

Fiona photographed these two orbs in the
Wollombi Valley. Spectacular! Thanks Fiona.

Bouddhi Choir
Kerry: Bouddhi Choir at Avoca Theatre.
' Bouddhi' is an aboriginal word for 'heart'.

New year's Eve 07

Bouddhi Orb

Laurent's first orb

Exciting! two orbs by Laurent of Switzerland

Chloe sent the photo above taken on
New Year's Eve in Sydney 2007
Close-up of violet coloured orb with bands
and a very clear outline of a beautiful being.

Jean Hudon

Jean Hudon - Earth Rainbow Network
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comprehensive and free newsletter here.

Near Jean's Home
Jean's neighbour took this faery photo in 2006 >>>
Jean's Faery
Orb in the sky.
Tamayra's Friend
Ireland August 2006
A friend of Fif's took this spectacular photo
from a window of an aeroplane.
Stanley Messenger  Respected Seer and Teacher
at his 90th Birthday party. Glastonbury UK.
There are many orbs, some with tails, in this photo taken by Trevor Osborne in Ireland August 2006. Copy, paste and enlarge or save to desktop background to view this fabulous photo 'in all its glory'.

Donna and Nikki

Nikki Freeburn (r) and friend in the
desert of Dubai after a camel ride.
Beautiful orbs everywhere!

After visiting the famous Burj al Arab.....
"the most expensive hotel in the world"...
the photo on the right was taken of it
from one of it's sister hotel's Jumeirah
Beach, where we were staying....
the energy in Dubai is
truly calm and peaceful





Andrew Hennessy

Andrew Hennessy - Scotland


Orbs - Spheres of Light

Infinity Visits Friends at Bellingen


The orb I call Infinity is one of my constant companions and accompanies me wherever I go. We've had very close encounters since I first became aware of It in early 2006.

I had a gorgeous entrance to 2009 as I shared New Year's Eve with dear friends Robin and Paul and two of their grandchildren. We shared discoveries and watched sundry videos on magic and paranormal abilities. On 2:1:09 I travelled about 5 hours north and the interesting thing is that a week later Robin sent me this photo taken from her back verandah, clearly showing Infinity visiting them.




Obama Speech

Orbs over Obama crowd
at Grant Park rally

Photos of Spirits

Cedar's SpiritArt

Spheres of Light

Orbs: Benevolent Spirits