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Who are The CircleMakers? ~ We Are! ~ with Others at a Higher Consciousness Level.

Guys Cliff
Whitesleet Hill

Researchers will make different things of the CircleMakers symbology and I had an aha moment with this one. I think it's a really good model for a Kins Domain design... for harmonious and enlightened spiritual and community living.

Imagine the central circle as The Hub - Community Centre - Gathering Place - Sacred Space. The six other main circles represent families, couples or individuals who are kindred or simpatico to the focus and intentions of the tribe.

MD Cross
Cley Hill Warminster
Image Credit: Mario G Mayorga
Metatron's Cube
Image Credit: Mario G Mayorga

Cley Hill, nr Warminster, Wiltshire.
Reported 9th July, 2010

Thanks to Steve Alexander
Crop Circle Connector



4D. Holy Grail. Truth, Love. Wisdom.

Has the flavour of Hinton's cubes

Charles Gilchrist who has been studying sacred geometry for over 20 years and Metatron's Cube.
Star 2010
Ufton June 2010
Whitefieldhill 0810

Some musings by my facebook friends and me.

White is a holy colour, it is said that white animals are appearing more often that this is a sign - of a Return - of White Buffalo Woman. White is a colour associated with a mystery - White Tower in England White House in Washington White Fortress in Memphis centre -border of Egypt, we already had one at White Sleet Hill..the message ? Is that the Earth - a globe rising from inside a turning Rubik Cube - the Cube in Platonic solids and ancinet understanding represented the Earth and the earth element - does this suggest Earth Shift or Earth Rising - Atlantis Rising? The Mayan Priests also tell on 4 Ahau, then the end of the world shall come and the katun of our fathers will ASCEND ON HIGH.... (Tizimin p. 16)

Whitefield Hill 3rd August 2010
Possible Earth pole shift? Ascending Earth? Dimensional shift? The Seal of Melchizedek?
Hmmm ... in an immediate spontaneous "free association" I got: 'looks like a corporate logo
... for an internet security company ...'(see image - Julian Assange - Wikileaks) ' ... the lid is coming off the box(s) and secrets are being released (on many levels ~ hyper dimensionally)' that was 'my movie' ;-) ... crop circles - puzzling but not boring.
East Field - You will notice the glyph has been built on three times - disregard all the gossip about manmade hoaxes. There's a lot of disinfo out there this year.

Metatron's Cube
Crop Glyph at Danesbury - reported 6 July 2010

Return of the Mystics

Crop Circles: Where Divinity has
touched the earth ? Lucy Pringle

Research - Did the CircleMakers warn us
of the Oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico?

Cley Hill

Two massive glyphs - combined ~ 30 July Wickham Green


Many marvellous glyphs in Italy.

WE are. And ET's. And the Spirits of Nature. And Other Spirits. A Collective Co-Creation.
We are Waking Up and these being are helping us to wake up.
Over the years I have come to see that The CircleMakers are us.

Bashar gives an elegant explanation on this presentation.

Our collective consciousness. Consciousness gathering in symbology and frequency to express our collective dream.
Many different consciousnesses - Symbolic expressions of our Dreaming - Christ Consciousness - Buddha Nature - Krishna Spirit

June 2 2010
May 2010


Liddington Crop Circle showing magnification of dimensions and stargate or zero point.


It appears that already this season's crop circles address the Central Sun and our approaching line-up with the Galactic Core.

Photo Credit John Montgomery
Superb Stonehenge Symbology

Stonehenge - a Druidic Energy Vortex
Bring the Old Consciousness to the New

Southern England provides a focal point that links old age to new age - Druids - offshoots of ancient atlantean knowledge - seat of psychic exploration and societies. Magnetic spot and vortices through which the energy of the old informs and illuminates the new.


Silberry Hill
There is some fascinating channelled information that relates to the Earth's magnetosphere and
how the shields around the planet are breaking down making us more susceptible to these effects.

''This really is quite a simple diagram Matthew and if you imagine that the circle at the centre represents the Earth,
and you have then a number of shield-like shapes which are distributed around this centre circle. This is a clear
representation of the magnetosphere, which as you know is a framework, a magnetic field if you like which
criss-crosses the planet – wraps the whole globe – and is essential in protecting Earth from the very powerful
and potentially very damaging components of the solar wind.''

Winged Sun-Disk - Click to see the first crop circle of the season spinning.


Janosh artwork of Crop Circles - Wonderful meditation called IMAGINE


Near Silbury Hill
28 - 7 - 14 ... 28 day month
Feels like fertility to me.


Hexagonal web, 'concentric' circles

Cedar Rivers UFO and ET Links and more

WHAT ON EARTH? Inside the Crop Circle Mystery - A Film by Suzanne Taylor

Freddy Silva

What Do Crop Circles Mean? blog

Crop Circle Connector

What Do Crop Circles Mean?


Swirled Crop Circle Video


The message of this superly crafted crop design is clear. It supports our contemplation of 'Seeds'. The frame displays braided and intricately 'carved' motifs.

Crop Circle Movie


Temporary Temples - Steve and Karen Alexander - do see their fantastic calendars.

Morgans Hill 809 Morgans Hill
Ridgewaay 18.4.09
West Kennett 409
West Down Gallops
Crop Circle Connector

There is also a magnificent hummingbird glyph on Milk Hill that is very reminiscent of the hummingbird nazca glyph The hummingbird is able to fly in every direction.

Bring the crop glyph up into 3D and spin.
Here are excellent videos that do it for us.


Windmill Hill 09
May 09

The Grid

I took this photo of an orb
clearly showing the grid.


Messages from the CircleMakers:- The crop circles and glyphs are phenomena that resonate with a small number of people considering the massive world population. This has always stupefied me. How is it possible that these magnificent designs are not on the cover of magazines and newspapers all over the world? Those of us who have been touched by these masterpieces delight in our own personal interests - whether they relate to the craftship, sacred geometry, symbolism, off-planet contact, healing, energies, dowsing, art, encoding, unseen realms, numerology, the possible messages, and so on.



  South Kore 12 June 08
Windmill Hill 09

World Oceans Day June 8

Peace Symbol on World Oceans Day
8 June 2009


Phoenix Rising

Flames from the tail, 3 key circles, 'time' at the top and the phoenix looks directly at a 'window' at the right where humans are in struggle. The Phoenix and the Dragonfly appear in the same field at Yatesbury.

June 09

Messages in many of the glyphs relate
to calendars, seasons and cosmic conditions.

Great Dreams - a vast collation of related theories, formations and diagrams.

You Tube crop circle compilation


Photo credits: Steve Alexander


Fabulous collection of crop circles Longbarrow


Black and White Illustrations and more - another excellent site with thumbnail identification, dates and places.

Great Dreams Crop Circle Pages

Codes of the Cosmos

Oxfordshire 707
The Butterfly Effect - something as tiny as the flapping of a butterfly's wings may effect something much, much larger - such as awakening humans to their Divinity and all that it means.

Janosh and The Arcturians

Galactic Butterfly
The Galactic Butterfly

Mayan symbol for the centre or heart of the galaxy - beauty and balance in the sacred now. The symbol represents all of the consciousness that has ever existed in the galaxy... a symbol for Mother:Father: God
Stargate 07
Long Barrow near Avebury2807

<<<This circle represents the passageway through the physical world to the divine world. West Kennett Long Barrow, Nr Avebury, Wiltshire. 28th June 2007.

This is the crop circle I've been waiting for! The CircleMakers never disappoint. Notice the 7 levels and 7 doorways in the hallway- Doors open to finer dimensions of the Spirit World - this is a powerful sign for events both earthly and cosmic taking place NOW.- - Illumination - God Mind - Self Realisation.

Wiltshire 777
Near Avebury May 07

12 Month Calendar
Crop Circle Connector

Tube Torus - the first crop circle that
I researched - I imagine it will always
be my favourite as I sat in the centre
and watched the sun go down over
a white horse! Milk Hill, Wiltshire 1996.
Wexcombe Birds


Morgan's Hill 17-5-07

Morgans Hill 17 May 2007

Olivers Castle April 07
Love From the Stars





Do visit the remarkable website on crop circle designs throughout the years






Liddington 08

Watchfield Wind Farm

As I contemplate just one possible message it's obvious that it's a thumbs up for wind technology! It also speaks to me of where human consciousness is at this time,the cogs of rampant technology, the gears of 'time' and movement. It is essential that we return to working cooperatively with Mother Earth from a place of deep love and respect for the life, beauty and mystery that She so generously provides. The top small cog speaks to me of how humans once used inventions in a cooperative and harmonious way with Nature. Technology enhanced life on Earth.The large second cog illustrates the big time blowout and imbalance that we are currently experiencing.

Humans have made inventions, technology and money our god. In a very short span of time we went from inventions benefitting humankind - to the super-military age where those with the biggest and most powerful weaponry and paraphernalia designed to kill the most of our species - 'win'. Those with the biggest machines to gouge the most out of the Mother in the quickest possible way - 'win'. Hearts closed. People die horrifically as a consequence. Heads seeking profits and power-over took over and now have supremacy. Greed became good. Technology became god. Many in power became despots. Atlantis revisited.The third cog quietly demonstrates that we need to evolve our species to have mastery over our inventions for the benefit of all - to take individual responsibility against polluting, drilling, rubbishing, poisoning, killing, and life-loathing technologies. The position of this design in the field tells of a return to BALANCE. Put simply, we need to GET OUT OF OUR HEADS,
and to RETURN to the NATURAL WAY
if the human species is to survive THIS technological age.

  Eastfield 08

Stantonbury Hill


Devizes 908

Infinity Gateway 888

CROP CIRCLE >>> Infinity on 8:8:8
Triple Goddess

The Triple Goddess -
Photo Credit: Crop Circle Connector
The CircleMakers have excelled again
in this very simple yet powerful design.

The Triple Goddess

This crop circle of The Triple Goodess shows Her having arrived in our consciousness to invite us into our own renewal process. Our rebirth now into a New Earth based on love, compassion and the fulfillment of our dreams and all that which is majestic,
powerful and immortal in us.

Ellie Crystal on The Triple Goddess
  ccaugust06 Hall of Records

<<< This is a beautiful architectural crop glyph clearly showing a chequered floor to 7 doorways or portals.

There are three on either side of the hallway and one at the end - surely representing the planes of existence associated with the 7 main energy centres of the body. Choose a doorway to focus upon, or imagine - and be open to - entering every dimension of existence.

The areas laid flat and the Circle -see top - represent All That Is, The Source or The Void
and the area in the square represents 3D reality and the 5 senses.


Nested Eggs
Change arrives tenderly and mindfully.
Slovenia - The CircleMakers ensured
that no egg was broken in the making
of this large crop circle.

Birds Wings
Dragonfly June 09