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Anastasia - Kins Domains



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Connecting to Your True Self
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Earth Changes & Preparedness Lots of links and suggestions.

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Light Beings
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Oceans and Oil Gusher

Opening to Higher Self and Soul Another way to the Soul is through the Heart. It is a Key.

Orb Photos by Readers


Orbs and Light Beings

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Ringing Cedar's - Anastasia

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Spheres of Light - Orbs fascinating new patterns


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A Vision for a New Earth

Vision in pdf

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What Makes Me Happy


Spheres of Light ~ Orbs
Many people are seeing orbs or Spheres of Light without the aid of advanced photographic or movie making equipment.


Dennis Blago’s ~ Dr Caricature
has featured me in an amusing cartoon

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Celtic, Mythic and Symbolic Themes

Connection.... see flags for sale

Read here for a little on my philosophy and products in this column.

My website is an enterprise created to share our creativity and skills to make a conscious and positive contribution to the world.

My approach and vision is based on my interpretation of earth and multiversal spirituality
which I simply call
The Way
in essence a journey and an invitation to find meaning within.

As we walk this path, our individual dream and the world dream unfolds. The walking is
an act of faith based on our intentions. Our intention is to celebrate wholeness, joy, peace, creativity, discovery
and abundance.

Links Artists, Gallery, Articles and Visions are links that promote our art works, articles and the creativity of those who inspire us.

Purple Gateway Flag
Purple Gateway Flag

Gateway Flags
5 metre flags in vibrant colours to use as markers to your home, farm, school, event or business. They come in glorious bright and fantastic colours.
Marker Flags - 7 rainbow colours
Gateway Flags - Available as single flag or in sets

Life changes for the better when we remove forever the words and attitudes of should, must, but and try.

Ask not what my loved ones, colleagues, community or country can do for me. Instead ask: What can I do for my loved ones, colleagues, community and country. Inspired by JFK

Peace Flag

Imagination is your greatest ally. Use the unlimited creative power of your thoughts and emotions to have a joyous life and to be of service to humanity
and the planet. Cedar's Pearls

My favourite little word of all time is Yes. ... with discretion. Yours?
Take notice of all the times in your waking day that no, maybe, and not now dominate your thoughts and actions.
Say Yes to Life!


Tawny Frogmouth

Shambala - Gilbert Williams

Happiness is a Choice
Heaven on Earth is a Creation

Inspiration fuels our imagining and to this end I invite you to send your What Makes Me Happy summary - whether it's a line, a poem or a list. It's fun to do.

Sacred Journey
Emergency Car Kit
Prepare yourself - Rely on yourself You can use a small case - buy from Op Shop for
$5 - $10 Collect, package and store the smaller items in the case. Add your own ideas to
this checklist and prepare!

Pink Rose
Always grow enough food for yourself and your loved ones and extra for gifting, exchanging and for the wildlife.

Birthing a New Planet
Birthing a New Earth

Anastasia's Dream of FAMILY DOMAINS is a brilliant and viable idea - so simple yet immensely effective. If you are looking for real solutions read her references to Kins Domains and Family Communities.

For true love is inexhaustible; the more you give, the more you have. And if you go to draw at the true fountainhead, the more water you draw, the more abundant is its flow.
Antoine De Saint-Exupery

Clint and Meryl
Go ahead, create your day.

Clint and Meryl in
Bridges of Madison County.

The Sacred Tree

God is the experience of looking at a tree and saying, "Ah!"
Joseph Campbell



Celtic Prayer Flags
See More PRODUCTS Here

We made these Prayer Flags with the intent that these twelve beautiful messages may be sent on the wind to every place that the wind goes.
Prayers of Abundance, Connection, Joy, Kindness, Beauty, Imagination,
Love, Peace, Gratitude, Freedom, Creativity and Wisdom.

Transform Australia into a Food Garden..Return to the Garden

My religion is very simple.
My religion is kindness

"Humankind is crying out for help. Ours is a desperate time.
Those who have something to offer should come forward.
Now is the time."

His Holiness the Dalai Lama




Welcome to my 'Clarity for Life.training' Program
Introducing a New and Unique Online Course

Module 3 The New Children NOW AVAILABLE

The New Children are actually a New Species of Humans born into families like yours and mine. This new species is called Homo Noeticus*. * What Does Noeticus Mean? Noeticus is a term that was developed by consciousness researcher John White to describe the next phase of human development – a phenomenon he called the emergence of homo noeticus. Noeticus comes from the Greek word noetikos, the adjective derivative of the term noesis, which means understanding, perception, and clear mind.

From the mid-nineties to this day, certain children and young people from babies to early 20’s with exceptional and super-normal skills are to be found in ordinary families, and in ordinary communities on every continent on earth. These children ‘just know’ as the can tap into universal streams of knowledge and consciousness with ease. They are ‘infiltrating’ families and society with their exceptional love, compassion and genius. These ‘scouts’ and representatives forming the new fifth root race are already having a healing effect on the planet, and on her various forms of life. Many of these children are inventing effective solutions to health and environmental problems, and creating beauty of exceptional ingenuity.

In my online program CLARITY FOR LIFE MODULE 3 THE NEW CHILDREN, we explore diverse examples of the young children’s talents, explore the work of pioneers in the field, and offer some parenting, grand-parenting and teaching suggestions.

This module will be of particular interest to you if you have such a child or children in your family or class. Parents and teachers are doing the best they can with the knowledge they have, though these children require new and very deep understanding as they multitask with speed, often have superb photographic memories, communicate telepathically, process information very differently from Homo Sapiens, and usually have an especially deep connection with animals, plants and all Nature.

Clarity for Life Module 3 The New Children with Cedar Rivers is now available at this link http://www.clarityforlife.training and on my blog http://www.clarityforlife.training/blog

Please share with your family, friends and colleagues.



Clarity for Life Module 2  Are You Prepared?

• Recalibration of the Human Blueprint  - Homo Sapiens to Home Luminous
• Check Your Foundations - Reviewing Module 1 Your Ancestors and Allies
• Kindred among your family, friends, colleagues, community and in Spirit
• Cedar’s Blog - frequent updates in a rapidly changing world
• Looking Back. Looking Forward. Where Are We Going?
• Conversation Starters - 100 Years from Now
• Organising Your Finances
• Writing Your Will and Advance Care Directive
• ‘Before You Croak - A Guide to Writing or Revising Your Will’
• Challenges Affecting Your Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Balance 
• Preparing Mentally, Emotionally, Spiritually
• Personal Research and Suggestions for Physical Needs
• Allow the Mystics and Wisdom Keepers Guide the Way
• Prepare for Possible Inter-Dimensional Experiences
• Extra Support for Your Peace of Mind
• My Favourite Links
• Always Modify Exercises to Suit your Needs and Interests

Can you feel it? There’s both excitement and uneasy expectation about the possible changes that we may experience over the coming months. No doubt you or your loved ones have already been affected by the extent of some the changes taking place at present - both within ourselves, and also in the local and macro worlds.

The glorious truth of who we really are is finally being revealed. However, simultaneously the associated disconnect from numbing old beliefs and freedom from inglorious control structures often brings disbelief and rage.

Many are living at the extremes of opposites. Local, national and global changes are usually quite obvious. They are often imaginative, inspirational and innovative - while at other times explosive, brutal and seemingly insurmountable. Meanwhile, our internal changes may range from being extremely confusing and uncomfortable, through to the exhilaration of reconnection with our True Selves and the wonder that it all entails.

We may well be in the midst of the greatest leap of evolutionary change in the history of humanity, and as such the needs of the individual to navigate these profound developments with finesse and wisdom have never been more acute.

Such transformation calls for access to reliable information, and a deep understanding of how to follow the astute inner guidance of our True Selves, and how to co-create new realities with well-practised new abilities.

Some months ago when I was deeply contemplating how I could best serve others during the increasing demands of transformation, I became even more aware of the importance of the clarity needed to facilitate a safe entrance into the unfamiliar areas of an expanded and sovereign life.

How can we possibly move forward if we are not clear about where we wish to go?
How can we live in joy and celebration if we are not clear about our spiritual tribe?
How can we surrender in trust if we are unclear about who we can rely on?
How can we live our divine mission without first having total clarity and passion for it?
How can we best cope with discomfort and unfamiliarity unless we understand the process of ascension?
How can we live our optimal life as our Higher Self unless we consciously reconnect to Divine Source?

If you choose to work with this self-study course, you can discover the answers to these questions and more - and that is why I am so excited to be launching it this July 2015. You can find all the details at www.clarityforlife.training

I invite you to join me to gently midwife ourselves and each other through this delicate rebirthing of our Luminous True Selves.
Please share this message with your family, friends, and data base and social media contacts.

With great clarity and much love,

Cedar Rivers




The New Frontier: multidimensionality

Full Colour PDF Download

Full Colour PDF Download with 177 original photographs, 132 pages
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TNF Cover

TNF Back Cover


The New Frontier is lavishly illustrated with marvellous and spectacular images, and offers clear guidance on how to photograph and communicate with Spirit Orbs and other Light Beings. It is enriched with wonder and magic, shedding light on what an extraordinary and valuable gift it is to be able to consciously experience multidimensionality. This fascinating journey inspired me to see the world from different perspectives, expanding my awareness of an awe-inspiring universe of new possibilities.

- Sally Brocklehurst, healer, inspirational writer and speaker


Cedar Rivers has broken new ground in her book The New Frontier about the seen and unseen paranormal. It takes a lot of courage to write about one’s own experiences in this area that few talk about, much less write about them with such conviction. I very much enjoyed this acknowledgement of the other world we live in. It is written beautifully and is supported with her extraordinary photographs of what she has seen and felt.

- Helen Gill, writer, psychic counsellor.


‘The New Frontier—multidimensionality’ will become your new best friend. As you wander and wonder through the beautiful pages of insight, wisdom and inspiration, something that may have been dormant inside you may awaken. Cedar Rivers is a pioneer and wayshower in the personal development, spirituality and alternative frontiers in Australia. Her lifestyle embodies consciousness that she shares in all she does, and with all those whose paths she crosses. This book will potentially change the views of many about our Unseen friends. Its cutting edge—new frontier—content is explained in language available to all. I love it.

- Chris Hooper, Chris Hooper Promotions.


Cedar is one of those rare people who one instantly knows can be trusted implicitly. Her book is a joy to read, full of revelations, and will encourage us all to trust our own knowing whilst reconnecting with the world of Spirit, which is, all around us, every moment of every day.

- Tamayra Hayman, spiritual intuitive and guide.

It is such a pleasure to read your completed book and see your amazing photos of a journey, which has taken many years and which I was honoured to be a part of. Having been there at the Australia Day parade in 2007 where the first magical orbs showed themselves through your camera lens, your journey through this New Frontier has expanded into one of unexpected surprises and delights. We need only open our eyes and hearts to see the beauty and true magic of the unseen worlds that surround us. Thank you so much Cedar for your creativity, perseverance and loving acknowledgement of all that is.

Nina Angelo, OAM, marriage celebrant, artist and storyteller.

Please visit my other websites cedar-rivers.com




Readers' Orbs and Phenomena

Sphere's of Light

Beings of Light

Spot the Orb

Orbs: Benevolent Spirits The Invisible Made Visible

Where were you when you took your first photograph of an Orb? This may become one of those quintessential questions that ranks up there along with Where were you when Princess Diana died? and Where were you when Neil Armstrong took his first steps on the moon? And Where were you when the World Trade Centre collapsed? Why? Because, - when Orbs appear in your photographs, they are extending an invitation into the relatively unexplored worlds of The Invisible Realms.

Introduction to Orbs

I'll never forget my first experience photographing these luminous spheres of light.
I was in the coastal city of Woy Woy just north of Sydney with a dear friend, Nina.

Fire Twirling

Iridescent blue Orb observes Rachel twirling fire.

* Click to read my full article *

Includes superb links to sites of other Orbies.

Orbs of Light - Inter-Dimensional Beings





Send these Prayers on the Wind Around the World

Celtic Prayer Flags
Choose from 3 Sets - Festive, Harmony, Zebra

The World benefits from these prayers of Creativity, Wisdom, Abundance, Connection,
Kindness, Joy, Freedom, Beauty, Peace, Gratitude, Love and Imagination.


Celtic Prayer Flags are an ideal gift for your friends.
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'What we now want is closer contact and better understanding between individuals and communities all over the earth, and the elimination of egoism and pride... Peace can only come as a natural consequence of universal enlightenment.'' - Nikola Tesla, 1919

Celtic Prayer Flags

Cedar's Articles - Return to the Garden, Contact with Beings in the Invisible Realms and more.

More Cedar's articles


Crossing the New Frontier of Oneness

by Cedar Rivers

We may ask ourselves: How will my life function in the presence of timelessness? As time subsides linear time becomes obsolete. This is what is meant by the end of time. Think about that. Previous timelines of past, present and future will all be simultaneous in the quantum fields of the New Frontier. We learn to live with full awareness in the moment, much like a young child who involves all the senses to give total attention to the activity at hand.

We will discover the gracious art of creating through the heart with love and gratitude, and once awakened to this, there will be no desire to revert to old outmoded ways of living. We will have access to all information that ever was, is, and will be, as we move into the higher expressions of ourselves, and participate in becoming an entirely new species as we metamorphose from homo sapiens into homo luminous.



Aiming for the heights.


The Year of Illumination

Cedar Rivers

This is a year of pivotal change and promises to be a year like no other. Step up and take the lead in your unique way. Spiritual epiphanies will bring remarkable revelations, clarity and perhaps changes in activity, while arduous challenges may require inventiveness and pro-activity like never before. Contemplate the following brief areas and use them as springboards and signposts to have an exceptional year.

1. RESPECT YOURSELF: Everything that matters begins here. Self-love is the key.

2. REMEMBER: Where you came from. Who you are, and live it. What you are here to do, and do it.

3. SIMPLIFY: Live lightly, share what you have, and give what you can. Generosity is good.

4. FEARLESSLY EMBRACE CHANGE: If necessary modify attitudes, career, home, lifestyle, relationships.

5. BE RESPONSIBLE: Balance your finances - whether as an individual, business or government.

6. SELF-RELIANCE: Take care of yourself and others. Grow your own food. Remember the animals and birds.

7. BE STILL: Use fewer words. Listen. Receive. Enquire. Contemplate. Respond. Give.

8. EVOLVE: Filter everything you think, say and do through your Higher Self and High Heart.

9. THE SACRED: Raise your vibrations. Live in a mindful manner. Honour your God:Goddess and your Divinity.

10. CREATE: Initiate, follow your passions and find new ways. Expand your discoveries and learn new skills.

11. FREEDOM: Explore your wildness, new life experiences, broaden borders and heighten humour.

12. UNSEEN REALMS: Consider protocol when meeting with elementals, inner-earth and starry friends.

Wishing you spectacular creations and many meetings with remarkable Souls in 2015.

2015 asks for resilience, kindness and presence from the very cores of our hearts and minds.

Let's never miss an opportunity to be loving, resourceful and creative in this year of illumination.

Shine On Radiant Lights.

All Love,




Cedar Rivers' website is a potpourri of creativity, metaphysics and earth-based spirituality. The focus is
on co-creating a New Earth based on a philosophy of inter-dimensionality as the new frontier. My vision
is of a world as a united, harmonious society, where individuals are respected for their uniqueness
and divinity. Links, photos and inspirational articles range from intentional communities,
organic gardening, visionary art, and contact with galactic cultures.

"All that is gold does not glitter, not all those who wander are lost;
The old that is strong does not wither, deep roots are not reached by the frost."
~ R.R.Tolkien



Multidimensionality : The New Frontier