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The Mystery of the New Mexico Stone
Arizona Stone


A friend of friends in Roswell found this 5cm 'carved' stone in the New Mexico high desert.
It fits cosily in the palm of the hand and when I was in Roswell I had the opportunity to examine it closely and I could find no carving or instrument marks on it.

The elegant design speaks to me of balance between the sun and the moon - the masculine and feminine - creating harmony and Oneness.

My friends' friend had the stone scientifically examined - see photo of laboratory analysis below - and discovered that there are much 'higher than earthly levels' of silica and iron.

Serendipitiously, the CircleMakers recreated this EXACT design in the crop circle discovered on 2 August 1996 in the UK. The following year in July 1997 I had the great good fortune to have my first season at the crop circles in southern England.

See Crop Circle page here.

Stone size and colour Analysis Crop Circle
Actual size and colour of the stone.
Laboratory Analysis of components
Crop Circle Chilesdon 2 August 1996
Swallow - Reflections in Flight
Painting on the inside of a Native American bowl later reflected in this magnificent crop circle in the Wessex Triangle UK.
I also had the good fortune of researching this formation of swallows which was immense in size.

Crop Circle
What Really Happened June and Early July 1947 Near Roswell, New Mexico?
Cedar, Char and Dave Craft ET
RIAC Building 84 Roswell, New Mexico where remnants of the salvaged craft
were stored.
Cedar, Char and Dave - March 2008
Reconstruction of downed space craft found approximately 70 miles from Roswell.
Model of injured alien at Roswell Museum.

'It all began the morning of July 5 when Mac Brazel and 7 year old Dee Proctor stumbled upon metallic looking scrap scattered along the Foster Ranchlands. They were out checking for damage to windmills and stock after the previous night's violent thunderstorm. Brazel and Proctor picked up some of the scrap, unable to stop his rounds for the day. The Brazel family did not have telephone service on the ranch, so he held on to the scraps until he had a chance to 'go into town'. On July 6, 1947 Mac Brazel took the scraps to Sheriff George Wilcox.'


Spirit Photo

Char's photo 1

Char set up a tripod in her yard to take the first photo.
Moments later she took the second photo which shows 3 new lines - white, green and orange.

Clouds Over Magdalena, New Mexico

Magdalena skies


On the way to Roswell, we took a slight detour to Magdalena with clouds such as these filling the skies. Magdalena is a quaint wild western town that doesn't at all represent Her magnificent persona - however, the skies on that day were alive with curious clouds and splendid emanations.
Images of Visitors from Another World by Char
Char 01 Char 2
Curiouser and Curiouser
Nina Angelo

Giant Spiral - Norway 09 Dec 09

Extraordinary spiral with blue light in sky over Norway
A spiral formation appeared in the sky above Norway
around 8am on December 9, 2009.

Neon Glow

David Wilcock speaks about the Norway Spiral

Is this astounding apparition, in fact, a "Nobel message" to Obama ... as the most visible and currently powerful Peace Prize nominee in decades ... to alert him to the necessity of reigning in these "even more horrific 'torsion weapons of mass destruction'"-- While there's still time? ...Richard Hoagland

Signs in the Sky

Norway Spiral

The spiral occurred at very high altitude.

Awesome photo


Nina Angelo – and no, her hair is NOT on fire.

Nina is a dear friend from MacMasters Beach in NSW who is a motivational speaker, cultural activist and community artist who was awarded the Order of Australia in 2009 in recognition of the inspirational maven that she is.

Nina shows up 100% in everything she does - regardless of what hat she is wearing....and in this photo we see a hat of a different style.... an Energy Hat.

The friend who took the photo really believed Nina's hair was on fire. The fact of the matter was that Nina had just had her first haircut for 45 years – and even though, like Samson, she believes her power is in her hair – what we see here in fiery red is the energy of ‘the hair that was’ – her wild locks fallen on the floor.

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