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Self-Sufficient & Productive: It is proposed to establish a large and extended food forest on the land, via effective and highly productive food forest permaculture principles inspired by Australia’s Permaculture institute, leaving a large tract of common land for an undisturbed native forest, common lake and grass recreation area. Through these proven and practical guidelines, maximum water conservation and land productivity will be utilized, creating a maintenance free biosphere and ecosystem that will be highly productive and yet require little upkeep. Renewable energy will be used and low-cost suppliers have been found, providing for cost-effective solar and wind power, or diesel engines running on used vegetable oil. Shared initial costs and high permaculture yields will ensure that initial investment is paid back rapidly.


MicroCommunities--or as we call them, micromunities--can be any size or shape. It's really more of a
mind-set. On one end of the spectrum, a micromunity could be an off-grid conscious community of
like-minded people living intentionally sharing earthen housing and the duties of maintaining the
community's infrastructure and organic food supply. But it could just as easily be a floor in an
apartment building in Manhattan, a neighborhood in a suburb, or a village or city.

Growing Organic

How To Build GLOBAL Community

2010: A Mandelbrot Set Odyssey'


The Fourteenth Dalai Lama on the Release of Aung Sun Suu Kyi

I welcome the release of fellow Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi and extend my appreciation to the military regime in Burma.
I extend my full support and solidarity to the movement for democracy in Burma and take this opportunity
to appeal to freedom-loving people all over the world to support such non-violent movements.

I pray and hope that the government of the People’s Republic of China will release fellow Nobel laureate Liu Xiaobo
and other prisoners of conscience who have been imprisoned for exercising their freedom of expression.


Fantasic Photo by Jay Fine

Liberty Enlightening the World

Sending much love to all those experiencing difficulties due to damaging weather.

A Perfect Dying :: Healthy Dying
:: What constitutes very good death?
:: How would you like to die?

Rebirth by Akiane


The Tibetan Book of the Dead: A Way of Life | Watch Free Documentary Online

Death is real, it comes without warning and it cannot be escaped. An ancient source of strength and guidance, The Tibetan Book of the Dead remains an essential teaching in the Buddhist cultures of the Himalayas. Narrated by Leonard Cohen, this enlightening two-part series
explores the sacred text and boldly visualizes the afterlife according to its profound wisdom.
Part 1: A Way of Life reveals the history of The Tibetan Book of the Dead and examines its traditional use in northern India, as well as its acceptance in Western hospices. Shot over a four-month period, the film contains footage of the rites and liturgies for a deceased Ladakhi elder and includes an interview with the Dalai Lama, who shares his views on the book’s meaning and importance.


''Today it is death, not sex, that is the last taboo.''
Excellent BBc documentary on dying and death.

I think a lot about death and dying these days - not that I've been around death very much, yet as I age
and study global events and tune in to visionary futures and prophecies, I am just as concerned
about creating a conscious death as I am about creating a conscious life.

make best choices for our death
discussing our death
different cultural practices of death and dying
who are your mentors in Spirit?
does our society support good quality palliative care?
voluntary euthanasia
terror of death - do we cut it short and not face it?
have you achieved peace and contentment?
what is left to do?
compassionate friends
deathbed visions
Spirits and temples of Light
support people in grieving
reward employers who are understanding
allow adequate space to grieve
de-stigmatise dying
first rate palliative care
planning the perfect funeral
collect your music and speakers
writing your will
caring for those who grieve


An update on Akiane - Creating Beauty and Inspiration


Rebirth is a story of transformation from life to death, and from death back to life. The vines full of blossoms have surrounded slowly eroding pillars and fully participate in extending their last moments of life.

Only a few of the columns are left to support the unity of decaying and crumbling structure, but by the time the architectural antique is completely gone, the rose-vine garden will stand in its place. Rebirth symbolizes a continuous restoration of matter and spirit where the end is part of further growth. As eternity rampages our destiny yesterday refuses to remember today. By remodeling our destiny we may forget what has been replaced. At a guillotine struggles take a crown of misery, and icicle eyes melt like an unsolved riddle.
But just like a dream being nursed to life ~ we are nursed back to eternity.
... Akiane aged 15


Dot's Amazing Adventures

''My Mum, Dot, shared my room/my life for months before she passed. She had no speech or life skills but taught me
to be totally in the moment and that silence speaks.Even with her 100% disability,we had phenomenal times! ''

Near Death Experience - In The Realm of God


Death doesn't really worry me that much, I'm not frightened about it...
I just don't want to be there when it happens.
- Woody Allen


Conscious Dying

'Death' Experiences and the Afterlife

This website gives marvellous accounts of many who have died and come back...
giving us reassurance of what may happen when we 'die'.

One of the most fascinating in my view is that of Mellen-Thomas Benedict...

As the light revealed itself to me, I became aware that what I was really seeing was our Higher Self matrix. The only thing I can tell you is that it turned into a matrix, a mandala of human souls, and what I saw was that what we call our Higher Self in each of us is a matrix. It's also a conduit to the Source; each one of us comes directly, as a direct experience from the Source. We all have a Higher Self, or an oversoul part of our being. It revealed itself to me in its truest energy form. The only way I can really describe it is that the being of the Higher Self is more like a conduit. It did not look like that, but it is a direct connection to the Source that each and every one of us has. We are directly connected to the Source.


The Luminous Energy Field at the Time of Death

At the time of death the soul prepares for its great journey home. When the brain shuts down, the electromagnetic field surrounding the body dissolves and the Luminous Energy Field—or soul—then begins to disengage from the body. Through time the Luminous Energy Field can become clouded with dark pools of toxic energy from unprocessed, negative emotions. In this case, the death process can become prolonged. The steps of the Death Rites show us how to cleanse the Luminous Energy Field through the chakra system so it becomes clear and can glow again with light.

Near Death Experience - In The Realm of God

Dr John Lerma - Into the Light How to assist others to have a peaceful transition. Dr. John Lerma presented his research into hospice patients' pre-death experiences. Such patients shared similarities in their experiences, typically seeing a "light entity" or human-appearing spirit being
about four weeks before their passing.


11 year old boy reincarnated

Palliative Care Australia

NDE Story of Mellen-Thomas Benedict ... Journey Through the Light and Back
After suffering from a terminal illness, in 1982 Mellen-Thomas Benedict ‘died’ and for an hour and a half he was monitored showing no vital signs. Miraculously he returned to his body with a complete remission of the disease – and what may be the most inspirational near-death experience story known to date. He brings back a message of hope and inspiration for humanity about Life After Death and Reincarnation.

P.M.H.Atwater Author, Lecturer, and Researcher
Excellent video interview and a wealth of material relating to the near Death Experience

Light On The Water - Ning community - NDE discussions

Betty Eadie Embraced By The Light I saw that the light immediately around him was golden, as if his whole body had a golden halo around it, and I could see that the golden halo burst out from around him and spread into a brilliant, magnificent whiteness that extended out for some distance. I felt his light blending into mine, literally, and I felt my light being drawn to his. It was as if there were two lamps in a room, both shining, their light merging together.

Dannion Brinkley - Secrets of the Light:
Lessons from Heaven by Dannion and Kathryn Brinkley Interview on Conscious Media Network

Accounts of some celebrities who have had NDE's

Mets God Behaviours are neither good nor bad - they're lessons for the learning.

From Grief to Joy - Abraham Hicks

Orbs: Interdmensionality - The New Frontier.


Ammachi - The Divine Mother

Amma's Australian Tour April 1-13

Spheres of Light

Reader's Orbs



'Physical reality is a consciousness program created by digital codes. Numbers, numeric codes, define our existence. Human DNA, our genetic memory, is encoded to be triggered by digital codes at specific times and frequencies. Those codes awaken the mind to the change and evolution of consciousness. 11:11 is one of those codes, meaning activation of DNA.' Ellie Crystal .... Click here for much more on the 11:11

The Art of Jumping Time Lines - The Hathors

The Hathors have a way of languaging what many of us are already doing - yet may not fully recognise it - watch for the signposts and keys in this transmission.... it comes loaded with gifts. Let's imagine the quantum field of possibilities - timelines crossing, past-present-future-One ~ focus and stretch beyond anything we now know.

It's crystal clear that we empower and energise whatever we place our intention upon --- whether that is doom and apocalyptic scenarios ~ a fascination with the activities of TPTB ~ or a glorious New Earth and Unity Consciousness. In this we do have free will choice - although I do not minimise the effort it may take in counteracting concensus realities, negative thought-forms and dealing with wayward energies. It is essential that we maintain our goodwill, focus and hold the line. New Elders and New Leaders of a New Way are emerging ~ and one may very well be YOU dear reader. If not YOU, who?

In ancient Egypt there was a goddess called Maat, who held a set of scales, and upon death the heart of an Initiate would be placed upon the scales, and a feather would be placed on the other side. If the heart was as light as a feather the Initiate would be given entrance to the heavenly worlds—meaning higher states of consciousness. But if the heart was laden with negativity, regret, and sorrow, the Initiate would have to return to the lower worlds.

In a very real way humanity is at its meeting point with Maat. Every person who believes in the timeline of doom, destruction and horror will add to its reality. Everyone who holds as real the timeline of the New Earth will add to its reality. You are not powerless in this situation. You hold in your very nature the power of radical change for yourself and the planet—especially for humanity. If you feel a resonance with this timeline of the New Earth, and if you choose to live in this new order of being, you will be adding your weight, so to speak, and helping to tip the scales.


John Wadsworth Grand Cross YouTube The Alchemical Journey

Galactic Centre 2012 - Susan Seymour Hedke

Star IQ - Rick Levine and Jeff Jawer

Planet Waves - Eric Francis

Astrology Zone - Susan Miller

Where Will Yours Take You?

Canberra ~ Saturday 11 September - Sunday 10 October


Floriade gardeners have planted ONE MILLION flowers to bloom over this period. This has been a gigantic task as the planting and feeding of hyacinths, tulips, daffodils etc etc was begun in April and monitored throughout to have the flowers in bloom over this gorgeous period.

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