celtic gardens

Slow Down

Exquisite NEW dvd from
Visionary Artist Jean-Luc Bozzoli

Jean-Luc Bozzoli



Eye Within


Lady Wai'ale'ale

Lady of Wai'ale'ale
Maia Nartoomi at Spirit Mythos
Do visit this beautiful, inspiring and
spiritually comprehensive site.



String Theory
String Theory - unknown artist

To see through the eyes of a visionary artist
is to behold the workings of the Infinite Creator.
Feast your eyes! Feast your Soul! ... Iasos
Many superb visionary artists here.

More visionary artists
River of Life
StarWheels by Aya
- River of Life by Aya

Jesus the Christ

This picture was drawn in an unbroken single line of 166 revolutions beginning in the centre of the page and spiralling out -greater and lesser pressure in places is what defines the image. It is housed in a private collection of the Moscow Seminary of the Trinity-Sergiev Monastery. From The Ringing Cedar Series on Anastasia - Siberian recluse and speaker for nature. Anastasia referred to this picture stating that the secret it keeps is due to be unraveled
one day.Space of Love


Spiritual World

The Spiritual World - Alex Grey


CircleMakers Angelic Being embracing Earth
in UK field below an ancient chalk rendered
Celtic White Horse.




Water Crystal

The Power of Prayer and Intention. This is a magnified photo of drop of water after prayers of happiness have been projected to it. This water crystal shows how loving intent can change even polluted water. This profound work was originated by Dr Masaru Emoto.

Self Esteem and Confidence

Self Esteem and Confidence





Earth's Rebirth

Earth's Rebirth
Spectacular visionary art by Jean Luc Bozzoli

Twelve Sounds

Cosmic harmonics.


Ancient Portal

Charles Frizzell - Ancient Portal

Power Stones

Power Stones - Gilbert Williams



Moon Temple
Moon Temple - Gilbert Williams


Pegasus - A Gift from Athena
Elizabeth Kyle



The Soul of the Rose

The Soul of the Rose
John William Waterhouse
Earth Grids  


Jesus on Barn

Jeshua on the barn

Cosmic Orchids
Cosmic Orchids -Elizabeth Kyle

Shaman's last Journey
Shaman's Last Journey - Charles Frizzell


Star Woman - Visionary Artist - Francene Hart

City of Gold
Lila is connecting to the whales. City of Gold
    The magnificent visionary art of Victor Molev