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Baked Pumpkin and Spinach Risotto

500 g butternut pumpkin chopped 2 cups rice
2 tablespoons olive oil half cup white wine
1.5 cups vegetable stock 500g spinach
5 cups water half cup toasted pinenuts
1 large brown onion half cup parmesan
2 cloves garlic - crushed half cup cream

Preheat oven to hot. Bake pumpkin til tender - 15-20 minutes.
Heat oil and cook the onion and garlic til soft.
Add rice and wine - cook til wine is almost evaporated
Stir in one cup of stock on low heat
Continue one cup liquid at a time - about 30 minutes
Add spinach, pinenuts, cheese nd cream
Cook stirring until spinach wilts.
Gently stir through baked pumpkin.
Serve and Enjoy!

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Non-Alcoholic Punch
Combine juices of your choice - this one was a fabulous combo.
Cranberry juice, soda water, pineapple juice, ora
nge juice,
mineral water, dry ginger ale, lemon juice


Beetroot, Feta and Nut Appetiser

Dinner guests rave about this one.
 Made With Love ~ this is the secret ingredient ~ as with all scrumptious food.

Gently boil baby beetroot, allow to cool, rub skins off and cut into bite size pieces.
Gently tear your favourite greens such as baby spinach, lettuce and arugula:rocket
Gently steam snow peas for a minute or two.

Cedar's Salad Dressing
Intuit the following ingredients

Finest Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Best Balsamic Vinegar
Scrummie Soy Sauce
Chopped Ginger - yep, gently
Chopped Garlic
Lemon Juice
Sea Salt
Black Pepper

Place into a jar, replace the lid and shake like billyoh

Coriander leaves or English Parsley or Watercress
Sprouted mung beans
Your choice ingredient goes here

Gently add the dressing to the greens and beetroot
Gently chop walnuts or cashews.
Cut feta into cubes
Cube an avocado.

Arrange and Serve

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Some great Vegetarian Restaurants in Oz

"Everyone has to go to Govindas at least once, the venue that combines restaurant, movie house and holistic centre into one. The room is decorated with Hindu art and provides indoor and outdoor seating. A vegetarian buffet lines one wall, with a mixture of Indian and International hot and cold dishes on offer. The menu changes daily but always includes a dahl soup, white or brown rice, a hot vegetable dish, salads, cauliflower pakoras, potato wedges, penne pasta, and either kofta balls, potato bake or vegetarian shepherd’s pie.

Many of the choices are vegan, and the simple flavours can be enlivened with condiments like sunflower and sesame seeds, mango pickle and hot chutney. The food is prepared by brahman chefs, who first bless the food in accordance with the principles of Bhakti Yoga. If that makes as little sense to you as an Ikea assembling manual, don’t worry. The food is tasty and filling and that’s all you need to know. After dinner head upstairs to the cinema, replete with deep red chaises longues that you can sink into in extreme and utter comfort. It’s amazing how luxurious wholesomeness can be."

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GM free food
'The head chef of one of Melbourne’s best-known restaurants has called on consumers to boycott establishments that don’t commit to being GM-free. “I know it sounds scary … but unless a massive amount of people go against (GM), nothing is going to be done to stop it,” Geraud Fabre, head chef of the famous France-Soir restaurant, says.

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A Quick and Easy Lunch - Nutty, Avocado Rice

A tablespoon of sesame seeds - Bring out the flavour in in a dry frying pan by heating til golden. Place aside. Put a dollop of butter in the frying pan and add enough cooked rice for each person and stir gently til hot. Add a few handsful of chopped cashews, walnuts and the toasted sesame seeds. Take off the heat and add a chopped avocado, parsley and lemon juice. Salt and pepper to season. Scrumptious.

Veggie Casserole with Creamy, Mushroom and Mustard Sauce
Thinly slice potatoes, sweet potato, pumpkin, carrots and par steam them
In a pan - saute sliced onions, garlic and mushrooms in butter or oil.
Create flowerettes of broccoli and cauliflower
and slice zucchini, beans and any other veggie and herb that you just love.

Butter or oil the inside of a casserole dish and add all of the above ingredients in layers.
Season with sea-salt and cracked black pepper.
Pour Creamy, Mushroom and Mustard Sauce over ther veggies then grate romano or other cheese of your choice on the top and cook in a moderate oven until done to your liking.

Creamy, Mushroom and Mustard Sauce
Here's a fabulous sauce that's also superb on just about anything. Quantities depend on how many you're cooking for - Saute sliced fresh mushooms in EVOO or butter in a pan. Add cream and a really decent slosh of soy sauce and a tablespoon or so of grain mustard. If you like it really hot - use English mustard or chilli. Now a bit of basil, ground sea-salt and black pepper is all you need for this taste sensation..... I sometimes leave the mushrooms out, not often.


Cedar's Pine Nut and Basil ~ or Parsley ~ Pesto

Here’s one of my favourites ~ This pesto is easy to make, either in a mortar and pestle or an electric whirler. It’s divine mixed through the pasta of your choice, folded through steamed or roasted veggies, on meats or on fingers of toast – really, pretty much any food other than your morning cereal.

You’ll need 2 large handfuls of basil (and/or use parsley if you prefer – either curly or flat leaf), extra virgin olive oil, garlic, a hearty squeeze of lemon or lime juice, sea salt, black pepper, parmesan or romano cheese, a cup of pine nuts (or pistachio nuts, almonds, macadamias, cashews or walnuts are equally delicious),   and a decent slosh of water at the end - the secret ingredient to make it lighter and lovelier. A zucchini added is fabulous too.

I’ve never followed a recipe to a T in my life and I don’t expect you to dear chef - simply intuit the quantities to suit your palate and place in the blender bit by bit until the ingredients are blended yet still chunky for texture's sake.

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Sydney Markets Limited won the prestigious award at the Vittoria Australian Food Media Awards Dinner presentation for the Sydney Markets Seasonal Recipe

Creamy Mushroom and Leek Soup

Chop 3 or 4 different types of mushrooms - oyster, swiss brown, button, field and place in baking tray. Melt butter and pour over mushrooms and marjaram - roast in oven for 30 minutes to concentrate the flavour.

Saute 2 leeks in butter with garlic then add white wine, vegetable stock and the roasted mushrooms. Add cream and whiz in the whirler. Add garlic and fresh herb bread to accompany the soup.

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Pay It Forward

There's a terrific restaurant called Karma Kitchen that uses this principle with effectiveness. Karma Kitchen first opened in Berkeley on March 31st 2007, by several volunteers inspired to seed the value of a "gift economy".

Imagine a restaurant where there are no prices on the menu and where the bill reads $0.00 with only this footnote: "Your meal was a gift from someone who came before you. We hope you will pay-it-forward however you wish."

'Run by volunteers, our meals are cooked and served with love, and offered to the guest as a genuine gift. To complete the full circle of giving and to sustain this experiment, we leave it to the guest to pay it forward, expressing their goodness in whatever way they wish. One immediate option is to contribute toward the cost of serving a future guest. In keeping this chain going, the generosity of both guests and volunteers helps to create a future that moves from transaction to trust, from self-oriented isolation to shared commitment, and from fear of scarcity to celebration of abundance.

You, our guests, bring the giving full circle, and your gifts are twofold. First, by dining with us, you have given us the opportunity to serve, which we cherish. Second, you have an opportunity to participate in keeping this pay-it-forward cycle alive by contributing for the next guest after you.

By sustaining this cafe, you are helping to shape a future rooted in celebration of abundance rather than fear of scarcity, in trust rather than trade, in shared commitment rather than selfishness, in connectivity rather than isolation, in participation rather than exclusion.'

Maggie Beer - wonderful Australian cook

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