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Collective Karmic Balancing & Learning
© Dr. Lilliana Corredor July 2010 - aka Ama Ri Al

The aim of this message is to offer humanity a different perspective on the Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico. For although it has created havoc, it offers us the opportunity to learn invaluable lessons and prompts us to want to make changes and take actions - both as individuals and as a Collective - to ensure the protection of our resources and the viability of life on earth.

The lessons that I humbly submit humanity could learn from this calamity are:
1) To realize the impacts of:
¬ Greed and self-interest
¬ Over-exploitation and mismanagement of resources
¬ Lack of appreciation for the life support our planet and its resources provide us
¬ Lack of respect for the waters and all life on earth
¬ Disinterest, lack of social responsibility and lack of environmental responsibility.

2) The oil spill and the inability to stop it, is due to a Balancing of Collective Karma taking place. In other words, the Law of Cause and Effect has been activated, because we have all allowed the present reality on earth. Our planet is simply showing us the effects of what humanity is co-creating.

3) We all have the response-ability to take actions - as individuals and as a collective, to ensure the conservation and long-term viability of our resources and of all life on earth. Rather than sitting in righteous anger, judging and blaming others.

4) Our Collective focus and power can harm or repair the earth.
We could make an analogy of the oil spill to a ‘planetary hemorrhage’… our planet is asking us - in a very visible way - to realize that the very life stream of the planet is leaking away and that we better do something about it… In fact, this has been happening for a very long time. Since the industrial revolution took place we have been continuously polluting our air and waters with all sorts of chemicals, nuclear waste and sewerage, to mention a few (only not as visible as this black oil sludge); and through these we have been diminishing and driving to extinction populations of species we rely upon for our food supply, environmental balance and economy. The difference now is that because the oil sludge is black, thick and sticky we cannot turn the blind eye and pretend nothing is happening, as we have been doing for the past 100 years. The good news is: our planet will recover with time, even if we aren’t here to witness it.
Humanity would achieve better results by perceiving the continuous oil spill and all attempts to stop it failing for what it is: as a Collective Karmic balancing as well as, a “blessing” in disguise… for it is shaking humanity to value our planet and its resources, and reassess our modus operandi in relation to these.

Another ‘benefit’ of this very long period of continual oil leaking is that it has allowed this news to arrive to the remotest places on earth for all to witness and ponder upon. People around the world who had never before given a single thought at how our resources are exploited or managed, nor had ever really valued the state of health of their environment, are now becoming aware of these issues and are in shock at the implications of this environmental calamity.

At this time most people around the world are:
a) Feeling sorry for all the pelicans, dolphins, turtles and other marine life coated in black sludge and dying poisoned by it.
b) Realizing just how many people on earth actually depend on fisheries to survive and knowing such an event could happen in their backyards.
c) Recognizing the long-term effects of irresponsible resource management.
d) Local and federal governments are realizing how much their economy and the wellbeing of their communities suffer when their environmental health collapses. And
e) Realizing how interconnected we all are. For if an environmental disaster happens in one part of the world, the whole world is affected by it: economically, environmentally, emotionally, etc.

The crux of the matter is that the present state of health of our planet is at such a point of imbalance, that all nationalistic, economic and political differences of opinion are truly irrelevant…
The fact is that as a collective we have been allowing the continual demise of our planetary resources and health, and few have been doing anything to stop it. A great majority of humanity has been acting as helpless witnesses waiting for something to happen and finding someone to blame … when in reality, WE ALL HAVE THE RESPONSE-ABILITY to change the present state of affairs of world resources and planetary health!
It is important to understand that humanity is a collective of creative souls and as such, we can determine exactly what we wish our reality to be… by focusing our intent on the same goals, i.e. a healthy planet, responsible management and abundant resources for all.

However, for such an intention to become a reality we must first review whether our present approach to use of resources ensures their conservation and long-term viability, and establish clear actions to achieve this.
Here are some questions that individuals - which form the collective - could ask themselves and their government representatives:
¬ Why continue to pollute our waters and air, when our very existence depends on them?
¬ Why pollute the atmosphere and create climatic havoc, when we need climate balance for our crops to flourish and fresh air to breathe?
¬ Why over-exploit some resources at the cost of other resources… when we have the scientific knowledge to establish sustainable use of all our resources?

For example: Why continue oil exploration when we have had the technology and the know-how to run our cars on water and on electricity for over 30 years? Why use nuclear power that produces extremely dangerous waste that takes thousands of years to clear, when we have had the technology for solar energy for over 30 years? Why continue mining any more gold using the most toxic chemicals that kill all life in the waterways near them, when we have gold bullion everywhere?
¬ Why continue giving licenses to companies to over-fish and deplete our fisheries, when they are our source of food and we have the scientific data available to manage this responsibly?
¬ Why continue giving licenses to companies to clear-cut our forests when they are our main sources of water, oxygen and CO2 balance, and we have plenty of other sources of materials that can be sustainably harvested (i.e. bamboo)?
¬ Why do we as individuals and as a collective allow our government representatives to permit multi-national companies to dictate the level of exploitation of resources and the way in which this is done? Our taxes pay our government representatives, so we can put pressure on them to change laws that allow this, and we can also sack them and replace them!
All that is needed is for people everywhere to become interested in their local and country affairs and own their power by taking action! It is of utmost importance for people around the world to recognize that no one is helpless! Each individual can take some kind of action!

For example, as an individual you can:
a) Take responsibility for the energy you emit through your thoughts, emotions, words and actions, and choose to minimize your output of fear-based energies for your own wellbeing and all on earth. You can learn techniques to manage your anger and your energy (counselling, self-healing, meditation, yoga, Tai Chi, etc).
b) You can ensure that your household produces a minimum amount of pollution to air and water resources, recycle as much as you can, reduce use of packaged foods, save water and electricity.
c) You can also keep an eye on your local government development plans and environmental plans, and write submissions if you disagree.
You can join forces with other people and act on what you do not agree with!
Unity is Power!
d) You can talk to your friends and create a community group, and then approach your local government representative to take action. If this person does not take action you can sack him/her and replace with another person that truly represents the wants and needs of the community. Remember that your taxes are paying for that person to remain in office.
e) You can create a group to clean the rubbish in waterways or beaches.
f) You can create a group to do reforestation and get grants from your government to do so, or whatever your interest is.
g) You can create a group to do Planetary Healings through Intent and active healing meditations.

Remember that all great changes in humanity’s history have taken place through the masses taking action
and not necessarily by a single political figure.

NOTE: You have the right to disagree with any issue, but this does not mean that you need to have a negative charge on it. If you truly wish to help yourself, your community, country and/or planet, please strive to be pro-active and ensure any action you take is based on: acceptance that it is as it is; compassion; tolerance; and faith on the issue changing and on its resolution (and not based on anger, judgment, criticism, condemnation, blame, victimization, selfishness, doubt, distrust, etc.).

DO NOT BE DISHEARTENED IF THINGS DON’T CHANGE AS QUICKLY AS YOU WOULD WISH THEM TO. Plant your ‘seeds of change’ with Love… and trust the universe to produce a fine harvest in ‘Divine Timing’.


About Dr Corredor:
B.A. Biology & Chemistry, BSc Marine Biology, MSc General Oceanography, D.E.A. Biological Oceanography, PhD Behavioural Sciences, Water Healer
Dr. Corredor ran a volunteer and self-funded ‘Environmental Education Program’ (in Australia, SE Asia, Central & South America) from 1993-1998, to raise awareness with community groups, school children, fishermen associations, peasants, aboriginal communities and government agencies in relation to: Water Quality & Conservation; Water Catchment Management; Sewerage Management Strategies; Impacts of Erosion and Deforestation on Water Catchments; Waterways & Estuaries; Impacts of Storm-Water Run-off on Water Quality; Impacts of Coastal Pollution and Erosion on Fisheries and Coral Reefs, etc.
Submissions to local, state and Federal governments resulted in all issues being addressed, even if it took between 1-10 years to do so… This goes to show that one person can make a difference and that our job is to be agents of change, planting the seeds and trusting change will happen in Divine Timing!
Lilliana changed the way she used to do environmental activism through the realization that the dissemination of fear-based information actually harms the planet and all that exists on it, as this discordant energy anchors in the waters of earth creating further disharmony and imbalance.
From 1999 - 2010, Dr Corredor has been dedicated to healing herself and training people around the world to Self-Heal and to do Planetary Water Healings. She is based in Byron Bay, Australia and now works as a Holistic Counsellor, Behavioural & Emotional Therapist, Self-Healing Teacher, and Physical & Energy Body Healer.
Email: lcorredor1@bigpond.com
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